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Compare and contrast dead poets society and day of the last rock fight

Compare and Contrast: "Dead Poets Society" and "Day of the Last Rock Fight"

Richard Gust

Ms. Fink

The two stories "Dead Poets Society" and "Day of the Last Rock Fight"

have many similarities and differences as do cows and horses. They both walk on

four legs, they are both mammals, and they both live on a farm. They also have

differences in appearances, eating habits, and body functions. In this essay you

will learn about many similarities and differences between the two stories. The

stories "Dead Poets Society" and "Day of the Last Rock Fight" have similarities

and differences.

In the two stories there are differences which include the schools the

children go to. In "Day of the Last Rock Fight" there schools are k-8th grade

where it is all college kids in the other story. The students in "Dead Poets

Society" go to school and live on campus. In "Day of the Last Rock Fight" they

go to school eight class periods and come home. The similarities are both

schools are all boys. Both of the schools have a conflict and could see girls

when they didn't have school.

The deaths in the two stories also differ. In "Dead Poets Society" there

is 1 suicide and in "Day of the Last Rock Fight" there is 1 suicide and 1 murder.

The suicide in "Day of the Last Rock Fight" is due to the fact that the cops

found that Peter murdered the bully. And in "Dead Poets Society" it was because

of pressure from the family. The father wanted him to be something that he

didn't want for himself. The similarity is that all of these deaths could have

been prevented by listening to each other and talking to each other.

And finally there were similarities and differences in the activities

they were into. The two stories differ because in "Dead Poets Society" the

students snuck out to read poetry and in "Day of the Last Rock Fight" they went

off to have rock fights. The poetry in "Dead Poets Society" was harmless, it

couldn't hurt anyone, but in the rock fights someone could have lost an eye or

even a life. They were the same because they both had to sneek off in the

stories to do the illegal activities. When the teachers found about what was

going on in "Day of the Last Rock Fight", Ronnie lied to cover his buddy. While

in "Dead Poets Society" the students told the truth and went along with it in

fear of being kicked out of the school.

There are alot of similarities and differences in "Dead Poets Society"

and "Day of the Last Rock Fight". The two stories were just compared as a cow

and a horse could be compared. The two stories were very similar yet at the same

time very different. By doing an exercise like this, it can open your mind to

how different two things are, but if you look a little deeper, it can be very


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