Free Plagiarism Checker

Do you need to check your essay is free from plagiarism?

Use Viper, the free plagiarism checker to identify:

  • Whether you’ve correctly referenced your essay
  • If you’ve accidentally mixed another writer’s work in with your own notes
  • If you’ve cited within your work correctly
  • If you’ve missed any punctuation from your quotations

Viper is 100% free and very accurate – it scans against more than 10 billion resources and then outputs a report showing plagiarised material side-by-side with the original source for easy comparison.

Download our free plagiarism checker, Viper, now:

Download viper, our free alternative to Turnitin

It’s the only way to ensure you’re essay is 100% free from plagiarism

Why do I need to use a free plagiarism checker?

If you’re a student you can use Viper to protect yourself from accidental plagiarism; mixed-up notes, paraphrasing and missing quotation marks may cause your paper to be marked at a lower grade, or you may even face expulsion from university if you’re investigated for plagiarism.

Don’t risk such severe punishments for easy mistakes – use our free plagiarism checker and scan your essay today.

If you’re a teacher, lecturer or other academic, you’ll find Viper perfect for scanning your whole group’s work. You’ll find out if they’ve plagiarised off of each other, off of their own past papers or from Wikipedia and other online resources.

Our free plagiarism checker also scans through Google Books – so if a member of your tutor group or class has copied paragraphs directly from a book, you will know!

Why use our plagiarism checker and not Turnitin?

Our plagiarism checker, Viper, is 100% free.

You have to pay a fee to use Turnitin and many other plagiarism checkers online.

Viper offers you other invaluable features too – check them out below:

Viper vs Turnitin

So, what are you waiting for? Download viper, our free alternative to Turnitin


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