Approaches to research

3.5.1 Qualitative Method

Two different types of approaches use any researcher which is a qualitative approach and quantitative approach (Bell & Bryman, 2007)Qualitative research strategy focuses on words rather than the quantification in the collection and analysis of data. The purpose of these two strategies is to collect suitable data , however the strategies differ after it comes to how to collect the data.

3.5.2 Quantitative Method

Quantitative research is a method used for measurements, its mostly in numbers. The most common approach is to use surveys and questionnaires.A quantitative approach works alongside numbers and statistics as qualitative studies works alongside expressions.This study will use the quantitative method because researcher has assumed that the significant impact on customer satisfaction of restaurent services sector and whenever researchers aim to test or verify a study, quantitative method is helpful and advised method.

3.5.3 Methodological Approach Taken

This study based on quantitative methodology. The study conducted was targeted to customers of a restaurent sector, those customers which are preffered to going restaurent and want to have good services regarding to restaurent.The primary objective is to select the sample selection for this study involved finding a standardized group of consumers who are going for good services, where requiring to give after sales services. With this requirement, the sample was selected randomly.

This study use quantitative approach where informations are gathered from questionnaire. Instrument utilized through questionnaire which containing closed ended questions. This study utilized hypotheses assessing to ascertain the impact of customer satisfaction and customer loylty.The purpose of this thesis is to increase deeper understanding of the major activities of after sales service focusing on customer satisfaction among after sales providers with different sizes.

3.6 Research Design

Research design can be described as a design for giving the responding target and objectives. It provides the structure to ascertain the recognized problem and avoid situations whereas the facts does not address the early research problem (BAN, JIANG, NING, & YIN, 2009). Finally, Research Strategy means that the collection and interpretation of data in a organized order and describing that data in the same order. So, for this specific research, researcher used the strategy for research which is decribe below;

First of all, researcher has selected his area of interest and accordingly a topic is chosen which needs to be studied in real. This study is further explain according to the instruction and structure of thesis.A Quantitative Investigation in to after sales services on customer satisfaction. An wide review of literature that was available on the variables, researcher has explained in this study in the form of previous studies show by different researchers, is done. There were a lot of studies that were conducted to check the impact of these verriables on satisfaction available.These studies were so important to be discussed to express the importance and significance of these charcteristics.

When applying these design, it is essential to particularly define what is being measured and what population is investigated((Dhawan, 2010)This investigation involves a study of organizations after sales offers and its contribution to customer satisfaction.Therefore, it mainly focuses on observing and analyzing the organizational activities, behavior and intentions. It cannot be seen as exploratory because the subject has been studied before and there is a clear defined problem. Fundamental research design has to be disqualified as well due to the reasoning that neither after sales nor costomer satisfaction is dependent on each other. There might be a connection but they are not interdependent variables. Hence, descriptive research design is the most appropriate form of study for this research.

3.6.1 Sample

We will conducted randomly survey from different people. For this study, respondents were selected by applying a sampling technique which is known as ‘convenience sampling’. Questionnaires were hand delivered to those respondents and were collected after the successful completion by the respondents.A population is the entire group that the research focuses on. A population contain of all elements individuals, item or objects whose characteristics are being studied. In quantitative research, It is the need to sample is one that is almost consistently encountered. And sampling constitutes a key step in the research process in social survey research.The population was estimated to involve all categories of customers retail, private, executive, Corporate etc.In this research we go through the previous studies , then we will decide to uses a non probability sampling strategy. in view of the fact that this study is a multiple case research and the aim is to get a lot of understanding within the area of after sales services, there is no source to choose a probability sampling. Also, the target sample will be people with great knowledge within the studied area.

3.6.2 Respondent rate

A total of 220 questionnaire we were conduct randomly survey from different people.Success rate of these forms were 83.3% as these forms were filled accurately. 200 questionnaires were received back out of 220 which is really a good number and reflect a seriousness of customers to address the issue mentioned in the objective of the research. Moreover, mostly customers are very keen to know about the final results and recommendations of the study.

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