Barriers in mastering English

For these barriers may be resolved, reduced or even eliminated so that we would be successful in reading, writing, speaking and presenting in English, therefore we need to set a goal to master English for instance. We need to do well by writing paragraph using proper English without any error. We have to read as many books as possible not only textbooks but also non-fictional books, magazine and newspaper. Furthermore, all of our entertainment, radio, movies and TV should be in English language. We need to have such surroundings. For example, trying to speak with friend who is English native speaker and this will help us to pronounce words correctly. Therefore, we might receive feedbacks from our friends if there are pronunciation mistakes in our conversation. We will able to learn it and improve ourselves. Besides that, we often faced difficulties when listening to an English conversation in the class.

There are barriers to mastering English as a second language in our life. One of the barriers to be solved is to master English; we need to learn by understanding and focusing on the meanings and usage words by the receiver. We as learners need to have frequent practice in speak, write, and read in English. We have to learn more educated vocabulary, grammar and conversational patterns to master our skills in English language, by having good literacy. We need to have a dictionary with us whether using e-dictionary or Oxford dictionary so that it can help us to find the meaning of those words that we do not understand. For instance, I think that we need to use a grammar and verb book as guidance for us to write better in English language. We need to give appropriate feedback to the speaker whether we receive the message or information or not.

Besides that, to overcome barrier we need to think in the targeted language and translating it naturally. We should not translate it from our mother tongue to the targeted language. It is because if we do so, the translation outcome will sound very odd. When we were in primary, we often have difficulties in English because of lack of speaking and writing, reading in English. We have to speak and communicate effectively and fluently in English. It can help us in career opportunities and able to get to know new foreign friends. It is because of the methods of teaching. It targets more rules and grammar and less using in speech in some school. Therefore, we have to take it seriously by delivering the message proficiently to the receiver.

In my opinion, I think that many people can read but cannot speak fluently. To overcome this problem, by using technology, and wide usage of computer with multimedia for mastering foreign language and it will reduce the barrier to master the language. The reasons are because of lack of opportunity to speak the language, lack of experience in using the language, and lack of confidence to practice it. These include lack of availability of qualified teacher to learn from, high cost of attending language classes and the social barriers lead to inhibition for learners in mastering English. We need to have good communication and exchanging views and it is not only the qualification that is used regularly in job, we need to communicate in English regularly.

We should not just depend on textbooks, but also should probe with ethnic thinking, cognitive modes and learning using textbooks for learning process.

On the other hand, it is important for us to be motivated. In this community, we are influenced by family, peer and teachers. We need to have strong learning decision, with passive attitude towards acquiring knowledge and learn with enthusiasm to communicate with people using English. Therefore, to conclude, we need to have effective methods of English learning for students to overcome the barriers of mastering English.

Other than that, we need to strengthen the communication among the students. Teacher has to boost the interest among students in learning language. We need to have well assisted preparatory sources for us to overcome the barriers with their pronunciation features. In English class, we are afraid to make mistakes, speak out and answer questions using English. This condition caused by the cognitive modes, and attitude because unable to have thinking modes and unable to adapt to the new environment. We need a well facility and well govern for English learning.

Nonetheless, we often face obstacles such as pronouncing words fluently, afraid to write in paragraph using English because they may have written with grammatically mistakes. However, we do not lack of opportunities to practice speaking, and writing in English with friends, unlike Japan or China, but sometimes we refuse to speak or write in English. There are many channels for us to improve ourselves and we should work on it. When we are young, we do not know why we need to learn and master English language because we do not have a goal. If we work harder, we will overcome the difficulties and barrier of learning to master the language well. Therefore, we will not easily lose his patience and give up in learning English.

In addition, the school provides facilities and workshop to educate us in using English language. The adequate resources are very important for us to tackle our problem. Such problems can be seen as opportunities as collaborative way in learning English among students. We need to have active participation as this leads them able to improve speaking in English language. We also have to be active learners. We need to transform the curriculum as relevant needs in English learning for subjects such as history, geography, and science since primary schooling. Furthermore, this is a good way for us to master in English. To get better in mastering English language, we need to keep trying hard day by day, work on it correctly and in the end we will master the language with ease.

I think that the barrier in mastering English should be overcome and it is because in this era, able to communicate in English is important. This is crucial in speaking English language. To decrease and overcome all exclusion situations we face in education, we need to address our common goals in mastering the language. We need to master it to achieve our good quality in basic education. Therefore, we need to enhance our access and participate in it and have learning success.

Besides, when in schooling times, we need to have a good quality in writing so that we will not struggle when answering the questions in English. In a nutshell, we need to have adequate material resources for our learning. In my opinion, this will help us to have greater potential to master the language. We need to have more practices in writing, conversation and in grammar as it is the starting point for us for better understanding in school for the language. In our group, we should learn and try speaking it without afraid of the mistake as this is the right way to learn.

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