Development of literacy

Development of literacy is something that takes place in the course of time. As such, there is no single universal formula that can cut across all people and explain how their literacy was cultured. Just like designing a beautiful car, it requires an input of several people and action of several factors, which may or may not be in our control. There are those who involved in the formative stages of its formulation, others in the design of the engine, others in designing the body, some are involved in wiring and others involved in the final assembly of the several parts. The net result has been the fact that there is no clear-cut formula in performing this, but requires the input of several people. It then goes that as long as everyone is playing their varied roles in their lives, it is possible for us to nurture our literacy when we are keen to borrow from them.

My literacy has influenced in some ways from my formative stages in life. My father was one of the people who influenced my literacy from a young age. He was a regular reader, and in many times preferred to pay visits to the nearby public library to read and furnish his various skills. This was instrumental in making him the smart, intelligent, as well as the all-around person he tended to be. In this way, he would always call me to accompany him to the library. I recall how he would send me to the children’s fiction section, and encourage me to read in an analytical manner, paying close attention to ensure that I was capable of grasping the information as well as the varied details. In addition to these, he would also encourage me to read science as it was instrumental in imparting comprehensive reading skills, especially when it came to analytical work, which he was fond of doing. Personally, I think that this experience, as well as several encounters with my dad in the library, shaped my literacy, and as such, played a huge role in ensuring that I furnished my grammar and analytical skills from my very young age. He would also encourage me to borrow books from the library, and then emphasize that I read them during my free time. This was coupled with the fact that he would at times ask me random questions from the books I had read. It was like he had read them all. This was a great shape to my literacy, analytical as well as comprehension skills in my early life.

Another profound influence to my literacy was my English teacher. Mr. Ahmad was instrumental in nurturing my public speaking as well as my writing and expository skills. As my fourth grade teacher, he saw the potential in me and enquired about my background and how I seemed to have such a strong command in languages. I explained that my father who would invite me to visit the library together shaped my perspectives. He motivated me to keep my trend up, and in the end, tried to help me so that I may develop even further in comprehension and command of the English language. This was essentially through the various essays I would draft and then take to him for instantaneous marking, and possibly tell me the areas where I was making mistakes. He would always tell me “you can be a very good in communicating in languages, writing compositions, and crafting essays, just assume that you are explaining what you wish to a young kid who must be given every possible and simplest detail.” He would also add “This would put you in a position to communicate all your ideas without much strain, or losing your readers and listeners attention.” I consider this meeting as well as experiences with Mr. Ahmad a cutting edge time whereby I was nurtured on how to be a good communicator, but a writer as well. I became conversant with the daily dynamic of life as they go through. Even up to now, he still keeps in touch, and this has made me be in a position to communicate to him freely even in areas where the challenges tend to be complex, as he is always willing to lend helping hand whenever it was needed.

Also, my literacy was also shaped by the encounters in the young age. We used to have a debate club with the children of the nearby suburbs, and this was a great boost. We would discuss various issues, and in the end, we would correct each other. One of the key aspects of our debate was that they were centered in English, and we made it clear that we were to follow the rules of grammar. This included spelling, punctuation, and proper sentence construction. The debates were also based upon a wide array of issues some of which would borrow from the historical as well as modern-day events happening. We would debate in a coordinated manner, with some of us opposing and others proposing. This gave me the ability to gain insight on how literacy is critical in appreciation of the contrary opinions of others. As such, members of our debate club were able to craft very impressive argumentative essays whenever required to do so. This was a huge boost to my literacy development, owing to the fact that these people too were regular as well as avidly reads the same manner in which my father had raised me up. This was also the very seed that had been planted for me, by my great teacher, Mr. Ahmad at the tender age of my schooling, and nurtured consistently.

In conclusion, I can assert that developing an enviable endeavor, like the case with an automobile; requires effort, time, and persistence. It will require constant friction, and the results at the beginning may not be interesting. This leads to the implication that it is possible to develop one’s literacy over time so that they not only become fluent and better writers, the same I have grown up to be but also be all round. This balance in literacy has profound impacts on enhancing creativity, cultivating academic and real life excellence, and providing a platform of reaching greater heights in my career. My life, as such has been challenged by the literacy development encounters I have had, and for itself, I have been able to face every challenge that has come my way by drawing a basis on the literacy I have continued to acquire.

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