Embed Attitude from Student on Elearning

Using Instructional Design with ADDIE Model

Attitude is very important in an education, without a good attitude certainly education will not be able to run smoothly, even education can be said to fail if the output of the education did not have a good attitude in the community or in the workplace. To determine the value of the attitude in elearning is not easy, in this study will try to create a method or means that can be used to determine the value of the attitude of a student in the learning system elearning. The method to be used is instructional design using ADDIE Model, where the latter begins by determining the parameters to be assessed from that attitude, the parameters used are each – each part of Affective Learning. After determining the parameters are then carried out the design and manufacture of quizioner, before this quizioner deployed then ever before will be testing the validity and reliability using SPSS. If quizioner has valid and reliable then the next can be done quizioner deployment and then be evaluated. Quizioner from spreading to some of the students showed that students that the attitude of the students already Very Good with a total student getting very good value is 96 people with a percentage of 48%.

Keyword: Instructional Design, Elearning, Affective Learning, Reliability, Validity

1. Introduction

Knowing the value of attitude in a learning system is not easy, there are currently very much a learning system and of course, using a variety of learning models. In Indonesia, the government has begun to allow and authorize an official to a system pmbelajaran Elearning. But because it is a relatively new learning programs, such as the system still has many shortcomings. In this study, researchers wanted to try to find out the value attitude to the students in the learning system Elearning using the ADDIE Instructional Design models. The study began by determining the object and the media that will be used as the data in the study, the object to be used in this study were students STMIK STIKOM Bali who are following Elearning classes. Then proceed by selecting one of several values in attitude, in this study researchers used Affective as parameter measurements [1]. Affective itself consists of several parts or taxonomy [2], namely receiving, responding, valuing, organization and characterization. Instructional Design used in this research is the ADDIE models. ADDIE model of instructional design is the most widely known and most widely used. ADDIE models begins with an analysis of the situation and conditions on the ground [3] [4], then proceed to create a design model or create a design questionnaires that will be distributed at the time of implementation to some object of research that students STMIK STIKOM Bali being Elearning classes. Making the design of questionnaires is done by making some questions where questions – questions that already includes several questions about each – each taxonomy of Affective, then the result of the implementation or deployment of questionnaires were collected and the data – the data is stored as a result of implementation, then the next is to evaluate the results implementation.

With this research is expected eventually to be able to provide a solution of the problems – the problems faced by earlier about how do to know the affective value of the students who attend classes elearning. Because students generally get dross elearning little direct meetings between teachers and students, lack of emotional closeness between teachers and students will be able to be more difficult to provide an assessment of affective to students.

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