Essay: Development of an Academic Management System

1. Introduction
Over the past century Science and technology have changed the standard of living including health, education, industry everything. This happens because of Computer. From the beginning of this spectacular machine the new paradigms of development have improved the standard of living. As the world progress in the field of computer science and technology, the world also begins to look forward to convert its manual things to automatic and digital. Now we are living in globalization world where everything is automatically and digitally operated. Today technology has taken the burden from human beings and the work which is done twice or may I say thrice fast as it was in last century. Now as the world is progressing very rapidly, this is because of the greatest invention in human history and that was Computer Technology. In now days you will see computer technology in every section of the world, it includes (Home, Offices, Industries, schools, sports etc). Computer is now not only based as desktop but it also now converted as Laptops, tablets and mobile applications. These devices made life much easier and now you are not bound to use the technology at one point.
Now that everything is digitalized. Every person wants to take benefits from the technology and safe time. Another invention was made in the past century and that was Internet and over a decade, it has been seen an ongoing information revolution brought about by the Internet. It has been learned to connect the Internet for more efficient communication and ubiquitous information. These benefits have enabled us to bring many aspects of our lives online. In media and broadcasting we have sites like; in finance and trading we have; in business and commerce we have But we have not seen a major impact of the Internet in the field of education. Not in this part of world where countries are progressing and in development phase. Today where technology has changed everything we are still called as 3rd world country. Not just in Development and Technology but in Education also.
But as developing country we are progressing well and people are now much familiar with computer technologies then in the past. Now our industries and banking sectors are much familiar with the computer technology and mostly have their own server deployed through which they are connected with each other. But in educational system digitalization is lacking and we still mostly see our educational institute works manually which consume time and non-effective results. So we have decided to make a centralized system for education which helps our Educational Institute to increase their quality and productivity in less time. We will develop a centralized integrated system for education that is extensible and customizable enough to be adopted by classes taught both at institutions and by individuals.
We have chosen the name Academic Management System (AMS) because we are not only concentrated on schooling or college or university or any other educational institute as it has the functionalities that can easily be adjusted and integrated according to the requirement. The beauty of the system is their flexibility and user friendly experience, which can easily be modified according to the requirement and easily can be operated. The goal of the Academy Management System is to provide a set of new capabilities that enhances the traditional classroom experience. By applying the benefits of the Internet to teaching and learning, the system also helps the teaching staff perform their duties more efficiently and enhances the students’ learning experiences by making a wider range of resources readily accessible. As a result, these user communities can remotely interact with other users, have asynchronous access to information, and manage their individual roles/contributions as a community member. What does this translate to the system’s application to education institution? Students can get help from the teaching staff remotely in the work of online office hours. They can share knowledge and help answer each other’s questions when the teaching assistant is not available. The teaching staff can collaboratively create work materials and distribute them by a centralized mechanism. Each maintaining his/her records differently; professors have immediate access to all student knowledge in a single format, managed by database. Finally, all users have access to a reliable archive of all news, announcements, and activities that are relevant to them.
The Academy Management System is a dynamic platform which allows educational institutions to manage their whole organization through the web and android application anytime from anywhere. It provides the interaction between academy, teachers, students and parents in the most effective way.

The research was carried out on our project during the visit of academies like KIPS and UNIQUE. We check their system and examine that how it works, their mostly work is done by manually or MS-Excel. We also check different software’s related to the system through which we get many ideas about the designing, interface and work in database. So we are doing more work and concern internet to get a better idea about our project.

1.1 Project Overview
Today everyone wants to provide better education to their children therefore they take admission in an academy during school or college. Mostly Parents don’t have enough time to go and check the progress of their children in academy due to busy schedule. Student provides incorrect contact number to the academy administration.
Administration of academy issue the progress report of every student on monthly basis and advise them to show the report to their parents but most of the students do not show their report due to bad performance in monthly tests. Sometime the administration arranges the parent’s teacher meeting but the student lie or even do not tell their parents about the meeting. There are also many other issue in the educational institutes.
In order to resolve the above problems this project provides an automated solution that is an Academic Management System. Basically the main purpose of the system is to provide the better way of communication between the academy and parents. This system records and maintains the daily attendance of the students, fee history and progress report etc. We will provide the web base interface to the parents to check the progress of their children. It will provide progress report, over all class position, the graphical view of their children progress report, Teacher feedback and notifications. In this way they can easily check and compare the position of their children. Parents will also be provided with a facility to regarding any academic issue.

This system would provide message alerts through mobile if they do not have internet access. Parents will also receive monthly progress report and the parent’s teacher meeting alerts via message. Our system will generate automatically message of progress report, absence of the student and any announcement from administration of the academy.

As a matter of fact, a sound academic process is a must to nurture young talents who in future will become global citizens and take their nation to new heights. In recent times, advanced expertise is extensively being used to revolutionize academic management by streamlining education-related processes. We have designed a Next Generation Academic Management Process, to provide online interactive community portal of stakeholders to enhance the efficiency of school administration and improve resource optimization, thus raise the standards of academic institutes worldwide.
(AMS) Academic Management Process is complete Management integrated application that spans across all functional requirements of educational institutes like student admission process, examinations, fees, attendance, library etc. This application package is simple to operate with simple operating instructions and may even be used by any staff member lacking in computer knowledge. This application administrates the entire profile of a student in a systematic way and it will be simple for an administrator or principal of the school to have an overview of a specific students profile and generating reports dynamically.
1.2 Problem Statement
A problem statement is a concise description of the issues that need to be addressed by a controversy solving team & ought to be introduced to them (or created by them) before they try to solve the issue. The statement of the issue ought to briefly address the query: What is the issue that the research will address? The primary purpose of a controversy statement is to focus the attention of the issue solving team. However, if the focus of the issue is narrow or the scope of the solution limited the creativity & innovation of the solution can be stifling.
The AMS is a software for educational institute to manage it. This software can manage student records, generate report, mark attendance, generate alerts and much more. The systems vary in size. The size of the technique is usually proportionate to the size of the educational institute. This is because the number of students and therefore records, will be higher in a bigger institution as they are likely to have an immense number of students.
Today all the work is completed by hand by pen & paper in our educational institutes, which is slow & time consuming. Since the number of students is growing & management has to manage records of all the students. Academic administrator and teacher use manual techniques widely to compute examination marks & to produce grade, to calculate total marks & also to view statistic for student knowledge. Academic management does not have specific process to produce results & generate reports but they always use Microsoft Excel to calculate the result. Academic Management Process is design to speed up the process & make it simple to make use of the process.
1.3 Customers
As you know that we are developing Academic Management System so our target clients will be school, colleges, universities and any kind of academy that will offering courses to the students. We are developing this software by putting in front our client’s requirement. We make flexibility in our software so it can easily integrate and modify as our customer needs and demands. AMS is developed according to the current educational institute requirements. We have try our best that this software will make life much easier for educational institutes and it will increase the quality and standards of education in our institutes.
1.4 Affected Groups
Affected groups are those who will use or affected by our software. The software is comprised on registering, storing, assigning, generating, exchanging data and information. These affected groups are also called system actors. The affecters are the real beneficiary group that will or can take advantage of this complete software which can take their educational institutes to greater heights and their students can not only complete on domestic but at international level.
The AMS has the following categories of the system users:
1. System Administration
2. Academic Faculty
3. Academic Students
4. Parents

1.5 Assumptions
We assume that majority of our current academic institute are working by hand and not using any kind of program or software that is todays demand. An assumption is that most of the student hind or do not tell of the performance to their parents and they are kept in the dark. Mostly our academic institutes are not working in organized manner which affects the performance. It is also assumed that our institutes not only education but every sector not want to use any kind of digitally organized software because they do not want any check and balance the these software provide check and balance which is the compulsory need of our society. Our system is also developed by putting in front of these check and balance requirements.
1.6 Dependencies/ External Systems
Manual work most of the time is Redundant, Incomplete, Improper and not available when necessary. Dependency factor is always high in this case. Further handling elderly files is difficult and unhealthy. Hand written data is sometime not manageable and readable. AMS manages your academic knowledge electronically in such a way that it is always available maintaining its security in the best feasible format. It organize and gather the data in organized manner, which can easily be seen and accessed by the users.
1.7 Definition and Acronyms
The only special word used in this document is AMS which is defined as Academic Management System.

1.8 Reference/ Source Documents
School Student Academic Management System (e-SSAM).pdf
1.9 Goals
The aim of developing such a computerization method is to reduce the paperwork and safe time in academic management system. There by increasing the efficiency and decreasing the work load. The project provides us the information about student record, school faculty, school timetable, school fee, school examination result. Our Academic management system is developed to overcome the needs of the educational sector. This software will help you make your institution systematize and make it far more efficient in the process. Our software is very diversified in its functionalities and we have developed this software to ease the stress behind its working. Our product is very cheap and very easy to use.

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