Essay: Does the high school curriculum really prepare students for their futures as adults?

Students all over the United States have been questioned about how they feel towards school curriculum. Some say it does prepare them for their lives after high school but many disagree with how the United States curriculum works. Most graduating or already graduated students believe that school does not help with the future financial needs. They say there are no classes anymore in public schools that teach them how to save their money or how to balance a check book. Most students believe that the curriculum has been the same for many, many years and it needs to change. . We need a more updated and realistic curriculum in our schools today. About 79% of high school students say that school does not prepare them for adult life and 21% say it does in deed (Does School Really Prepare Students).
Teachers have their opinions also. Many teachers have also been questioned about their opinion of the school’s curriculum. Many have agreed with the high school students and say that school is not preparing students for their lives after the graduate. Teachers have the same focus and theirs is also focusing on learning and not on state testing.Studentstesting. Students lose focus of what they really come to school for when time rolls around for testing. Sophomore year is the year that hits the hardest, some students say. That is the year students struggle to pass their OGT needed to graduate. They spend that whole year studying and prepping for the test and end up losing focus of what they were learning in school before testing began. A number of students were surveyed after taking the OGT and asked what they remembering learning through the year. Many of those who were surveyed believe that the OGT inferred with the learning that was necessary for the next two following years in high school. Students say they were ill prepared and had not a clue about what they were learning the next year.
Many people graduate high school knowing how to graph a polynomial and yet have no idea how to file for taxes, handle a professional interview, apply for a loan, or change a flat tire. Public schools main emphasis is often preparing students for college, but according to the Census Bureau, only about 30% of the United States population graduates from college. Everyone usually attends high school and off course everyone is going to live and experience the real world. High school just needs to do a better job at teaching students how to adjust to a life of their own. Too many students today rely on a mother or father to explain what their next step is. Students should set goals to teach themselves how to do things on their own.

Research shows that even ome of the least engaged people tend to do better in school. Now how does that make sense? Well those students tend to do better because they know how to ‘do school’ Then you have the students that put all their time and effort into school and yet get grades worse than those who do not try. Obviously there is something wrong with that. Schools need to come up with a different way to teach. Stop repeating everything over and over again. They starts to get boring and students began to stop caring because they know they are going to just be doing the same thing. Maybe teachers do not see that but students do. It is just making learning harder and more aggravating for students. This does not just make students nervous to get their report cards at the end of every grading period but it does not prepare for the real world.
Curiosity is what kills the learning experience of students today. When we were between the ages of three and 8 all students wanted to do was learn and ask questions. Do you remember asking 20 questions about anything toi anyone who would listen? High school nstudents are not going to do that. Sometimes students do have questions but do not ask because they do not want to be told that it was a dumb question to ask. In all reality no question is stupid. They are all worth asking so maybe students should try to speak up more.
Memorizing, bubbling, and googling, is that really learning to schools in our generations? Rarely do you see any stimulations nore than a power point slide show, debates, or anything of that nature that could help us succeed in the real world. Now we cannot go and blame our teachers for they are just trying to do their job. For the most part studies show that teachers disagree with the way students are being taught also. The teahers goal is to cram unnecessary test prep into our brains until we can barely spell our own names. Mnay teachers believe that the nationwide testing is a waste of time and money. Students have been surveyed about what they learned their sophomore year and many said they could only remember things here and there because all they did their tenth grade year was prep for the OGT. Now if the OGT determines if we graduate what do our grades mean? What really is the point in studying something you are never going to look at again?
Maybe state tests are not the only problem with our education system. It also has to do with every other tests students take. Thye overall effectiveness of tests today is very poor. What students will do is ‘figure out the system’ or just totally bull crap the whole test. It is not hard to circle C on every other question. It has been more of a goal for students to figure out how to cheat their way through a test then to actually want to study and pass the test in flying colors. Tjis takes the whole purpose of preparing ourselves away.
82% of college students report that if their secondary educational experiences had established higher standards, they would have happily exerted more rigorous efforts as a student. Public schools are lacking that sound preparedness for students lives after graduation. Many have realized that the initiative merely distracted students from learning while emphasizing a new focus on testing and progress scores. AP courses are unique and challenging which keeps the students interested because they are put up with a challenge. AP keeps students engaged with academic materials. Students want AP courses. It is not something the state should take into consideration, it needs to happen and happen now. The argument is schools are helping us prepare ourselves for the future. Is that really the case? Students think not.

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