Essay: Does video-recorded self-monitoring have any contribution to my own teaching process

The purpose of the study is to find out whether video-recorded self-monitoring has any contribution to my own teaching process, and if it is the case, what types of action steps should I take into consideration in order to improve my own weaknesses in teaching practice? To be able to be conducted the result; video-recording will be used as a tool in my own teaching process to observe myself thoroughly.
In this chapter, the related literature is conducted in three parts. First of all, the definitions of reflective teaching, reflection will be reviewed. In the second part, the importance of professional development and why it is necessary for language teachers will be examined. Lastly, the role of self observation through video-recording will be investigated.
2.1. Reflective Teaching

Teaching Foreign Language to children, young learners or even adults is a challenge for every single teacher, but especially it is complex work for those who are inexperienced or have not taken professional development for teaching. Although the idea of teaching in reflective way which was started to be written about over centuries ago is not new, the idea of reflective teaching in education system has been started to be applied over the last two decades. Increasing popularity of professional development has brought some innovations like started being a reflective teacher. Owing to the fact that reflection teaching contributes development for both teachers and their students, this is a challenge for traditional teachers who are going to become extinct permanently.
According to Murray (2010), Teachers who follow reflective teaching have a chance to learn about their teaching philosophy, observe themselves and change their teaching strategies.
Zeichner & Liston includes that some qualities of a teacher described as someone who is able to identify, analyze and attempt to solve problems that occur in the classroom, and conscious about her/his language teaching beliefs (as cited in Murray, 2010, p. 3).
Having a conscious of reflection makes us a good teacher due to the fact that we get a chance to judge ourselves with the questions of what, how, and why we teach to develop our teaching practice in lifelong learning process. Reflection leads both students and teachers to be successful learners in their lives. To be able to be professional teacher, reflective teaching is the key that is need to be used (Scales, 2013, p. 20).
2.1.2. Reflection
In order to be a reflective teacher, it is necessary to highlight the definition of ‘reflection’. According to Jay and Johnson (2002), ‘one of the most powerful tools in effective teaching is the presence of a well-defined image of what is to be learned’ (p. 74). Thus, as teachers, we need to clarify the meaning of reflection in order to apply in our teaching process effectively.
Valli’s description of reflection explains that reflection is an event which we can check our attitudes and/or knowledge by looking back and we have a chance to change our behaviors, strategies (as cited in Jay & Johnson, 2002, p. 74-75). Moon (2005) suggest that reflection is a process which conducted to get clear outcomes to get better understanding of teaching process and have a chance to change it to implement in our classes and achieve our goals. Reflection is a process which is implemented to get a better idea of one’s teaching practices and routines results with the experiences (Richards & Farrell, 2005, p. 7).
Zeichner and Liston (1996) describes reflection as ‘making more conscious some of the tacit knowledge that we often do not express’ (p. 15). According to Dewey, reflection t is a holistic way of meeting and responding to problems, a way of being as a teacher (as cited in Jay & Johnson, 2002, p. 75).
2.2. The Importance of Professional Development
In order to provide a better understanding of the meaning of professional development, it is required to replace definitions of it in this part.
According to Richards and Farrell (2005) development can be defined as a long-term goal, instead the term which depend on specific purpose, and a facilitator for teachers to improve themselves in teaching practices.

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