Science teachers’ awareness and utilisation of information and communication technology

The fast changing society had affected our way of life today. It’s very different from the life we had a century or even a few decades ago. This period proclaims the modern world of technology, whereas, different products of it were invented and widely utilized by common people. These products of technology are very useful and applicable to any discipline in practice and are now integrated in the educational system of different schools and were called as Information and communication Technologies or ICTs.

UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova emphasized, “Technology can be a powerful education multiplier, but we must know how to use it. It is not enough to install technology into classrooms — it must be integrated into learning. Nothing can substitute for a good teacher. It is not technology itself that empowers people — empowerment comes from skills and knowledge.”

IT is changing the landscape of practices in homes, workplaces, and educational institutions. The transformation has been fast, not only because the information that society has become a goal on the agenda of many enhancing technologies (Raudaskoski, 2000).

Technology is deriving these imperatives and can promote its successful outcomes. The much greater capability to share, store, present and retrieve information present us with the challenge of organizing a work flow and process of continuous improvement that can harness this data processing power to create knowledge to improve student performance (Information Technology for Schools, 2001).

The advent of information technology in schools presents a unique set of problems for the professional development of teachers. The use of technology in school requires continual professional development to acquaint users with new software, new hardware and how to effectively integrate technology into curriculum, instruction and assessment (Information Technology for Schools, 2001).

Teachers as knowledgeable workers need to be expert in looking at student work for evidence of learning and areas knowledge that need special attention to examine data of students to understand what else was must be done to enhance learning and examining their own practices in terms of effectiveness (Information Technology for Schools, 2001).

This study wants to investigate science teachers’ awareness and extent of utilization of information and communication technology in Libertad Central Elementary School and Rainbow of Angels. This will also examined the relationship between awareness, extent of utilization and level of teachers’ competencies.

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