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Studying marketing? Use this resource to learn everything from data analysis, to what good marketing is. The resources on this page will also help you when writing marketing essays, dissertations and pieces of marketing coursework.

Marketing Techniques

An overview of the different techniques used in marketing. From print media to advertising. This section also covers personal selling, advertising, PR, sales promotions and sponsorship.

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Data Analysis

A critical reflection of business data analysis. Covers statistics and data mining programs. Guide contains useful links to popular data-mining software.

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Aims of A Marketing Department

Learn what the main aims of successful marketing departments are.

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Marketing Mix

This introductory guide to the marketing mix covers the four P’s of marketing: price, product, place and promotion.

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International Marketing

An overview of marketing across national boundaries.

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Product Life Cycle

An introduction to the product life cycle. Covers the introduction stage, growth stage, maturity stage and the decline stage.

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What is Good Marketing?

The secret behind good marketing.

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Free Marketing Essays

Use our free marketing essays to help with your marketing degree.  We include all references, footnotes and bibliographies.

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