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Survey question

Do you fell that to reside in the U.S. you should know how to speak

basic English or be enrolled in a English language class?


I feel that most people will think that people should be able to speak

our language to reside here. Maybe 90% saying you should and 10%

saying you should not have to.


Americans that felt yes they should speak the language 59 out of 71

Other nationalities that felt that they should speak the language 27 out

of 29

Americans that felt they should not have to speak the language 12 out

of 71

other nationalities that felt they should not have to speak the language

2 out of 29

By doing this survey I have learned that most people feel that foreigners

should learn to speak the English language in order to reside here. There

were also a lot of people that feel if you live in the U.S. you should be

required to speak the language in public. A lot of people seem to take offense

to foreigners that speak other languages in public. The few people that said

no, commented with "it's their own stupidity if they don't". My hypothesis

was fairly close I thought that 90% would say yes but only 86% said yes.

As a final note I feel that this may be a good item to possible survey many

more people and summit it to congress.

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