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1st american literature essay

I’m here to tell you the differences between the north and the south in the late 1600’s, early 1700’s. There were many differences between each side of America. The people were brought in from the same place, but had different views. The north was the first part of America that was founded up in New England. I’m going to now tell you the history about each side of America, and how life was for the puritans and cavaliers. By comparing and contrasting hopefully I can show you that both sides were different in many ways.

The north was first colonies of America founded. The people who occupied this space were known as puritans. The puritans are also known as pilgrims, that is what we refer to them as now. Puritans were settlers from England who didn’t believe in the Church of England. They had there own views on life, they didn’t want to do exactly as England did. They disagreed with the Church of England. After finding America, they needed a place to settle. They decided to settle in Cape Cod, which was then called the Plymouth Colony. The needed a leader, the elected William Bradford the governor of the Plymouth Colony. Bradford was a non-conformist, which meant he didn’t want to follow the Church of England; he was perfect for the job in many ways. The city on the hill is what they named the town. Everything they did was based on what scripture said. The first winter for the puritan people were hard. They didn’t expect what happened. It was cold, and they had no food, and little shelter. Many of the people died that year because of the conditions. The Plymouth colony began to grow, but many of the people decided to leave and headed towards Boston.

The south and north were similar in many ways. The north and south were both populated by settlers from England. Both sides were there for different reasons. The puritans were there because they didn’t agree with the Church of England. The cavaliers were there as a reward. The south had better life for the people. They had many ways of making good money. They had a lot of fertile land, which was great for farming. In the north there was little farming because of the rocky land.

The cavaliers came to America in 1660. They came as a reward from the king of England. The cavaliers were the opposite of the puritans. They believed in the Church of England. The king (from the church of England) gave them the land in 1660. They received a lot of land in the southeast colonies. A lot of the English people, who were living in the south, got their education in England before they came to America. Most of them were renaissance people. The climate in the south was much easier for the people, because they had much better winter conditions than up north.

I believe that the cavaliers had a much easier journey to America. They settled in a much better area also. They had a lot healthier farming conditions, and the king gave them a great deal of land. The climate was much different in the south it was warm year round. In the north people were dieing because of the cold conditions. I think the puritans should have moved down south and settled in a much better area, were they would better chances at life and jobs.

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