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A comparison of multi valued orientation and two valued orientation

A Comparison of Multi-Valued Orientation and Two Valued Orientation

Multi-valued orientation and two valued orientation are two completely

different thing. THey compare in only one way. This is the fact that they both

have values. It could be said that a contrastment of the two would be more

useful than a comparison. Two valued orientation is for extremists. Multi-valued

orientation is for things to be ranged on a scale.

Two values orientation is used for the "absolutes". Instead of having a

scale of values, the "absolutes" are used. An example of two valued orientation

is temperature. Temperature is measured in degrees. It ranges in whole numbers

as well as decimals. Two valued orientation cancels out all the numbers. Instead

the "absolute" cold and the "absolute" hot are used. Marxism is a classic

example of two valued orientation. It stated that either you were for the

communist party or you were against them. Hitler had the same idea. His views

were that if you did not support him, then you should not live. So it ended up

being supporting him and living or opposing him and dying.

Multi-valued orientation is a scale of "in betweens". The extremes are

not used. There are definate settings. Using temperature again, let multi-valued

orientation show it's use. Hot and cold were used for two valued orientation.

Those were the extremes. Instead of using extremes, the actual numbers are used.

74 degrees, 98.6 degrees, and -13 degrees are all examples of the multi-valued

orientation. The option to not choose the extremes is open in these

circumstances. Instead of doing good or bad work, it is possible to do medeocire,

very good, or very bad work.

People tend to stay away from the two valued orientation and let others

make up their mind to a capacity of freedom. Multi-valued orientation and two-

valued orientation are two ways of assigning values to things, that use two

completely different methods.

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