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A comparison of special relationships

A Comparison Of Special Relationships

A Comparison of Special Relationships

Many would be surprised, perhaps even appalled, if a man’s relationship with his girlfriend was compared to a relationship with his dog. There are, however, many similarities in these two special relationships. Such similarities would include the true love and deep affection felt towards both a man’s girlfriend and his dog. There are also fundamental differences in how a man relates to his girlfriend and his dog. An example would be the difference in what a man does to please his girlfriend and what he does to please his dog. Another example would be the differences in the degree of loyalty a man’s girlfriend and his dog feels for him. These differences affect the way a man thinks and feels about both his girlfriend and his dog.

What a man does to please his girlfriend and what a man does to please his dog are two entirely different things. It is quite difficult to please your girlfriend. You may try by taking her out for a night on the town. You might take her shopping at the new mall. You might go with her through all the trendy stores in the new shopping mall. You might even buy that pricey sweater in one of the trendy stores. That same night you might take her to the movie she has been hoping to see. Any girl will tell you that a movie isn't a movie unless you have popcorn! Quite naturally you will need to get her something to drink with that popcorn. To go that extra mile you should probably bring back her favorite candy bar, in case she gets a sweet tooth. You must also please your girlfriend emotionally. You might ask her about her day, talk about where the relationship is headed or work through a particular problem. In the process you must remain honest and forthright yet sensitive and kind. When it's all said and done you have for at least the next few days made your girlfriend relatively happy. To please your dog with an activity of some sort you can take him hunting in the woods or swimming in the pond. To satisfy his emotions you must simply pet him and play with him.

The degree of loyalty a girlfriend feels for her man is also different from the degree of loyalty a dog feels for his master. A girlfriend may or may not be one hundred percent loyal to her man. She may, given a situation, do whatever it takes to remain loyal to her man. She, given the same situation, may not. Such is the case this past week with my girlfriend and her degree of loyalty to me. A day before our fall break she tells me that she is going to Maine. I wanted her to stay and work on our relationship during a relatively stress-free period of time. The tickets have already been purchased was her response. A dog on the other hand will always be there for his master. Not necessarily because they have nothing else to do but because a dog is committed to being one hundred percent loyal to their master. An example I can relate took place at my pond on a hot summer day long ago. I was diving off of the pier and into my pond when I felt a baseball sized cramp in my hamstring. I could not move my leg. At the exact moment that I realized that I was probably not going to make it back to shore, I noticed that my one and a half year old Labrador, Chip, was swimming out to me. Chip calmly paddled all the way out to the middle of the pond and snared my t-shirt with its teeth. Chip then proceeded to pull a one hundred plus pound human body nearly thirty yards to safety. Was Chip smart enough to know that he could pull a full-grown adolescent to safety without risking its own? Chip had never had to do something like that before. What Chip knew was that his master was in danger and that it was going to save him. It is safe to say that a dog could very well be the most loyal being I will ever meet.

The differences outlined above affect the way a man thinks and feels within two very similar relationships. The extent to which a man has to go to please his girlfriend may, at times, feel like a burden compared with what he has to do to make his dog happy. A man relishes in the fact that his dog is often so easy to entertain. While a girlfriend is infinitely more emotionally complex, it is, nonetheless, a comforting thought to know that your dog is often happy with your efforts to please it. The differences in loyalty between a man’s girlfriend and his dog affect the way a man thinks and feels also. Such was the case when my girlfriend left for Maine. I felt more or less betrayed by her non-chalant attitude towards my objection to her leaving. I was, however, satisfied in knowing that my dog, Chip, was unwavering in its loyalty and would be there for me. While my dog, Chip, doesn't plan trips to faraway states. Chip does exercise its loyalty by staying by my side through thick and thin.

It may seem rather odd to compare a man's relationship with his girlfriend to his relationship with his dog. The similarities outnumber the differences but the differences are interesting to note. It is infinitely more difficult to please your girlfriend than it is to please your dog. The degree of loyalty a girlfriend feels for her man is substantially less than the degree of loyalty a dog has for his master. The combination of those two key differences leads a man to wonder why a relationship with his girlfriend is so much harder to be a part of than his relationship with his dog. He cares deeply for both and yet despite his best efforts, a relationship with his girlfriend is often limited to the circumstances of his and her lives. With almost no conscious effort at all, a dog is his best friend.

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