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A dream come true

Chad Jay Yr.11

Thursday, June 13, 1996

A Dream Come True

There I was, sitting on my bed at 2:30 am. Wondering about the dream I just had. Not only was it stupid, but I have never had such a weird dream. It was really different.

The dream was about a little dog. The dog was walking on my chest, while I was lying on something soft. I think it was a mattress. The puppy walked towards y waist. I knew that it was going to bite.

"Get lost". I yelled.

The dog remained calm. Now it was standing on my waist. It lowered its cute head, and sniffed my pockets. I was surprised. Why didn't it bite? Then the dog was walking towards my chest. This time I wasn't scared. It opened its mouth and lowered its head again. This time my heart stared to thump. Was it going to bite me? No, it just licked my cheek. Even before it finished licking my cheek, I came to my senses. I didn't understand what I dreamt about. After thinking about the dream for about ten minutes a went back to sleep.

By next morning I had forgotten all about the dream. That morning , I was late as usual. I ran to the bus stop with my briefcase. My tie flew in the morning wind. Only thing that I hoped was that I would not be late to work, I had been warned couple of times about me being late. Luckily the bus too was late as usual.

As I was boarding the bus I looked up for a vacant seat. What I saw then was quite unbelievable. Instead of looking for an empty seat I was perving on a beautiful woman. She looked to be in her early 20s. The most outstanding feature she had was her attractive blue eyes. Her clear eyes did really amaze me. She had fair smooth skin and shiny blond hair. I have never seen any one so beautiful in my whole life. I looked at her clear blue eyes again, but this time I realised that they were staring right back at me. I was really embarrassed. All I managed to do was to smile. When I did, she smiled back at me. Her smile really matched her beauty. I was captivated by her looks.

"Your change mate". Said the driver as he handed me the ticket and the change.

I was surprised to see that there was an empty seat next to her. Why didn't anyone else sit next to her, didn't they notice her beauty? I knew exactly where to sit. As I sat next to her, she smiled and introduced herself. I was really surprised. I knew that it was my lucky day.

"Hi". She said, "I'm Lisa. What's your name?.

" Jack" I mumbled. "I haven't seen you catching this bus before". There were so many things I wanted to ask her, but I didn't know where to start.

"Where do you work?". Lisa asked.

"Commonwealth Bank, the City branch" I replied "What about you?"

"Thompson Solicitors, It's in Bourke Street. I suppose you are going to catch a train as well?". Lisa answered.

"Yes. I always catch public transport to work because I don't have to bother about parking." I said.

During the next half hour we both exchanged our thoughts and feelings. I also found out that she was twenty-two and most importantly, single. I felt really lucky. We both got off the train together. We were holding hands. I knew that I would be late for work once again. I didn't really care about work, all I had in my mind was Lisa. As we were walking down the Flinders Street Station I felt really special. She suddenly stoped. She turned towards me and stared in my eyes. She kissed me and said that she had to go.

"Where are you going?". I asked sadly.

"I have to go to work." Lisa replied.

She hugged me once more and left. When she hugged me if felt strange. No one has ever hugged me that tightly.

I walked towards the Elizabeth Street exit. All I was thinking about was Lisa. Will I ever see her again? I didn't notice the ticket Inspector until he tapped me on the shoulder and requested to see my ticket. I felt my back pocket for my wallet. It wasn't there. In fact it wasn't in any of my pockets. What happened to my wallet, I wondered. I told the Inspector that I have lost my wallet. He said that it wasn't a good enough reason for travelling on public transport without a ticket, and stated to write my fine. As he handed me the $100 fine I stated to think about my wallet. And Lisa.

Now it seemed more clear to me. Lisa must have been a pick-pocket. I did see an article about pick-pockets operating in the city. I felt really humiliated. I couldn't believe how stupid I was. I will never forget Lisa, or this incident. I did really enjoy the moment that we kissed. But I can't believe how someone that beautiful could be such a bitch.

As I arrived at work, I was confronted by the manager. He really was pissed a me. After yelling his head off at me, he asked why I was late. I explained the whole story to him. From his facial expression I knew that he didn't believe me. He said that he couldn't put up with me any more, and fired me. I really was having a bad day. I lost my wallet containing $160, got a $100 fine for catching a train without a ticket and lastly lost my job. All thanks to that bitch Lisa.

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