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A report on how life would be without minerals

Life without minerals.

By Rimas Simaitis

First of all let's get to the point. Life without minerals would not be life. You use minerals every day. Plus you do not live without "minerals". You would not stand on ground, drink water, eat food or do anything else. Without minerals you would not be able to write reports on the computer, like I am doing now.

It all began when the first humans arrived on Earth. There were no minerals. They could not walk so they just kept on falling. It was just like they were in a big black hole getting closer and closer to the edge of the universe. A few days later they they died of thirst but they just kept falling and falling and falling. That was version number one and here is version number two. It all began when the first humans arrived on Earth. They landed when they were asleep and soon woke up to a glorious place. They walked around and soon discovered that there were glorious fruit trees everywhere. Soon they stumbled on a hole made by some sort of animal. So they kept walking and soon found a spring with sparkling water spouting from it. They drank some water and went wading and soon saw that there were little silver sparkling things moving around in the water. They were mysterious little things. So they moved on and and then saw some animals.

Well you basically get the point of this essay. Life just would not be life without minerals.

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