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A time to preserve

As the turn of the millennium approaches, the human race will continue to develop

new technology and new ways of thinking. It is always enjoyable to take a visual

journey back in time, to view what was considered advanced and what thoughts of

future times represented. A time capsule stored with precious documents and

possessions from a past era can serve as a visual and material presentation of what

past times were like, and put in prospective the accomplishments that have changed

human lifestyles for better or worse.

If I were invited to participate in the planning of a time-capsule, I would

include items that depicted the present society's mood and pastimes. One item that

suits this category would be music. Music is one of the most influential forms of art,

and has brought delight, sadness, love, and despair to individuals worldwide. I

would include a compilation of the most popular and the most controversial music

of the present era, and some background information on the songs and artists.

Song lyrics, like poetry, can go beyond the written words of a book or a story, and

give an in depth prospective on people and their lives.

Guiding the new information and technology of today, computers serve as

the most useful tool for teaching and productivity across the globe. With the aid of

computers, new and better systems are manufactured and put to work constantly.

The amount of data storage, speed, and processing power is increasing

exponentially, and the obsolete models are taken off shelves and out of business to

be replaced. Within the next ten years alone, computers will have evolved to what

most of us can't even perceive now. By placing a top of the line computer system

into our time capsule, we can provide our future generation with the

acknowledgment of success and probably a little humor in the field of computers.

Maybe not the most advanced but the most commonly known media, the

newspaper, is a gold mine of facts, stock quotes, and reports that are current and

important. Including a current newspaper in a time capsule would give the future

finders a look at many issues and conditions that are sensitive to society and

change. Weather which constantly changes, and medical problems and

breakthroughs that may be turning points in the human race would be interesting to

read over and learn the origins of. Probably the most complex and controversial

topic of all, politics is a main interest in the world. A look back at how the economy

was run and comparing it to the present time would be an experience of a lifetime.

I would choose a major publication such as the New York Times or USA Today.

This would provide the most complete and factual information for the future to

diagnose and learn from.

Just as archaeologists and anthropologists have determined past lives and

civilizations through discoveries, a time capsule can allow an easier route to

understanding the past. Besides fascination, the study of the past mostly serves as a

blueprint for the future. By learning of accomplishments and mistakes of pioneers in

the past, people can plan for a better life. A great deal of time and money is spent

preserving the past, because once history is lost, it is lost forever.

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