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Abc book

ABC Book

Agatha Christie, the author of "And then there were None" is called the Queen

of Mystery by those who have read her books. In addition to, "And then there

were None", Agatha Christie has written many books, which include "ABC Murders",

"Body in the Library", Easy to Kill" and "Towards Zero".

Brent, the family name of Emily, the 65 year old daughter of a Colonel, and

definitely not happy with the way the world is going now. She liked every thing

as it was 45 years ago, when children did what their parents told them to and

when everyone respected their elders, but now .....

Coroner's inquest having turned her life upside down, Vera Claythorne has had

tough luck so far in her life. She does not have a lot of money, and has had

trouble finding a job after the inquest. Even though she had been acquitted,

people still look at her funny when she walks down the street.

Doctor Armstrong, a former doctor who likes time to think. Whenever he thinks

about the past one of the first things to pop into his mind is the fact alcohol

ruined his life. If only he hadn't had a couple of drinks before operating on

his patient, he might not have accidentally killed him.

Everyone was dead when the police got to the Island. Nobody could figure out

what happened. The police did not find any suicide notes and searched the

island a couple of times. The police found no-one in hiding and were left open-

mouthed and clueless.

Fred Narracott was the boatman who took everyone to the island on his boat. As

he told the police, as far as he knew he was the only one who had taken anyone

over to the Island.

General Macarthur, loved war and was disappointed when he had to stop fighting

on the battle grounds. War was his life. He loved the smell, the sounds and

the feel of battle. In fact he craved to kill again.

Helpless, the guests on the island were prey to the killer, they couldn't get

off the island because there was no boat. Hiding was out of the question due to

the bad storm, and they did not know who the killer was, so everyone was under


Indian Island was purchased under the name U.N. Owen and nobody knew who it was.

All the tabloids were saying royalty had bought the island or some eccentric

millionaire, but nobody really knew who it was.

Justice Wargrave, was a judge. You could say he was a murderer, even though he

never killed anybody himself. He just sentenced people to death. He was a mean

and intimidating judge which he used as an advantage over the others.

Killed, everyone on the island was terrified of being killed. They trusted

nobody and suspected everybody. With the killer's identity being unknown, only

one person went to the bathroom or to walk around while the rest waited together

so there was no chance of being a victim.

Lombard was an ex-soldier who liked firearms. He had brought one to the island

for his own protection he told everyone, but I doubt anyone believed him. So

they locked away the gun and any other weapons and no single person was able to

open the lock.

Marston was the youngest guest who liked to do things fast without thinking

first. He liked speed and alcohol. He was very good at prejudging people and

liked to be at the centre of attention. He was favoured by women and he knew it.

Nobody, not even the butler Mr. Rogers and his wife, who had been hired to take

care of things on the island, knew who U.N. Owen was. Although he or she was

expected to show up soon after all the guests arrived on the island.

Open-mouthed the detectives from Scotland Yard were, when they had no evidence

only ten corpses and their personal diaries. The detectives were unable to

explain that there was no murderer, but all the people definitely had been


Person or persons unknown on the island was using a false pretense so nobody

would suspect that person as the murderer which was why it was difficult for the

murderer to be discovered.

Queasiness was felt by some of the passengers on the boat ride to Indian Island,

as the water was getting rough due to a squall coming up. The boat bounced

around from wave to wave. Fred Narracott mentioned just before they got to the

island that if it gets any rougher nobody would be able to reach the island by


Rich was the person who had bought the island. He would have to be, to be able

to afford something which was worth a lot. Tony Marston thought at least with

all that money they should be served good food and thirst quenching drinks.

Stranded on the island due to a terrible squall which came up as soon as Fred

Narracott got back to the mainland, everyone would have to wait until the sea

was calmer and the waves were smaller. Not worried about food or water, as

there was enough on the island, they were worried about being murdered.

Ten little Indian glass figurines were in the centre of the table in the dining

room. As each person was murdered one mysteriously disappeared from the table,

even though the room was locked each night before everyone locked themselves in

their rooms.

Understanding the various reasons why they were asked to come to Indian Island,

each guest had received a letter, but each letter only had a scribbled signature

and no return address.

Violent were all the deaths, especially Tony Marston's because he had a big

chunk of concrete dropped on his head. Mr. Rogers' death was violent too, as he

was hit in the back of the head with an axe.

Why was this happening to them, everyone on the island was wondering. Who could

hold such a big grudge against each one of these people to go to all this

trouble to kill them.

X-rays had to be used on three bodies by the coroner to determine the exact

cause of death. Also poison tests were done on two bodies and gunshot tests on

two more bodies.

Younger than any of the other guests on the island, was Tony Marston. Emily

Brent was the oldest, with everyone else being around the same age.

Zoo, according to the poem "Ten Little Indians", was were three little Indians

went, a bear hugged one, and then there were two.

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