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A new alternative other that medicine that is slowly growing larger and larger in people is Acupuncture. Acupuncture is a technique of traditional Chinese medicine, in which a number of very fine metal needles are inserted into the skin at specially designated points. For thousands of years acupuncture has been used, along with herbal medicine, for pain relief and treatment of various illnesses. The burning of this herbal medicine is called moxabustion, the burning of leaves of moxa, the Chinese wormwood tree. Today it is widely used in not only China but in all parts of the world, to treat such illnesses such as of hay fever, headaches, and ulcers. Acupuncture also helps treat some types of blindness, arthritis, and hypertension. Acupuncture is also used, especially in China, as a general anesthetic during birth and some kinds of surgery. Unlike some regularly used anesthetics, acupuncture does not reduce blood pressure or depress breathing, it instead keeps the patient fully conscious and there is no hangover or nausea afterwards. Generally, in the practice of acupuncture, needles ranging in length from about a half inch to several inches are inserted in certain points of the body, not always automatically near the affected area. The needles are twirled and vibrated in specific ways; the deepness of placing also will affect the treatment. Thanks to certain advances in the treatment, what is called "electrical stimulation" can be applied through the needles. The usual number of acupuncture points is about 800 and they can be arranged in 14 lines. Which run from the top of the body all the way down to the tip of the toe! There of course is a traditional Chinese explanation of the helpfulness of acupuncture. It is based on a theory called the Taoist philosophy, which mainly states that good health depends on a free circulation or "chi" which is your energy, throughout all the organs of the body. The "chi" depends upon a balance of the two opposite energies called yin (negative, dark, feminine) and yang (positive, bright, masculine). When energy flow is impeded at any point, piercing the body at these certain areas is believed to correct any imbalance there may be within your Chi. Some researchers have found that the acupuncture points match up to points on the skin that have less electrical resistance than other skin areas. It has been said that acupuncture works by stimulating or relieving the nervous system in many. There is one theory that says that acupuncture encourages the release of natural pain-relieving chemicals called endorphins. This pain treatment has been used since the early 1970s and it has gradually become more accepted in North America. And now In the United States acupuncture has been used a lot for pain control and drug and alcohol addictions.
The article that was chosen for this assignment just simply explained how a recent study completed in Colorado stated that acupuncture helps relieve a wide range of symptoms experienced by people with cancer. Dr. Susan Aldridge, a doctor in Colorado, said that this treatment is now more likely to be given along with ongoing treatment, rather than just something to try out. It also plays a big role in relieving cancer pain, so that people can return to mobility and improved quality of life. Acupuncture has and will continue to be a support to helping naturally!

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