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Advice to parents of teenagers

Adolescence is a troublesome time. It is a time of change and stress. It is filled with anxiety and fear, fear of the unknown. It is a time that can be fraught with confusion and misunderstanding, for both teenagers and their parents. Parents are afraid of losing control of their children and teenagers are trying to find their own way in the world. Parents can ease the passage of their children into adulthood if they cast their minds back to when they were teenagers and adapt to the world that has changed since then.

Teenagers go through some terrible changes during adolescence. There body grows in all directions. They can become moody and depressed for no reason. Parents need to talk to their children about the changes and what is happening..

Parents should not try to be with "the in crowd" i.e. start liking what their child likes and start hanging around the same age group or start wearing the same type of clothes as their child because it will just confuse the child and make them change what they wear because it will be 'uncool' to wear what your parents do, you should help the child by treating them like an adult and not like children, whilst still being supportive.

The parents shouldn't try to mould their child into what they want, instead, allow the child to discover their own identity and style. If the parents don't allow the child to discover its own identity and style, one of two things can happen. One) the child becomes an exact mirror of the parent and has no views or thoughts of their own. Two) the child rebels and does exactly the opposite and rebels against everything the parent asks them to do.

Peer pressure plays a large part in the teenager's life. It is a big part in their life, if you don't do what your friends do, unless you are a very strong person and your friends know this, they will think you are a wimp or weird, this can lead to a change of friends and or an outcasting of friends. The wrong this that the child might be pushed into or is under pressure about is smoking, just because their friends might do it they think they will seem uncool or sad if they don't do it. This

Trust plays a large part as well, if you can get your child to trust into you, the stuff that is troubling them and that if they tell you what happened if they did something stupid you will not go off on one or they will not go behind your back to do something. One thing your child should have to deal with is the choice of making a decision and being able to accept the responsibility of something if they make a stupid or irresponsible decision. This way you can make them feel like an adult and teach them the responsibility of being an adult.

Although adolescence is a time of turmoil and conflict, the difficulty can be lessened if there is communication, negotiation and compromise. Parents need to allow their children to grow up, but with support and guidance and understanding. Teenagers need to be aware that this can be challenging and troublesome, for the parents as well.

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