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Aids 6


AIDS(Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is a deadly

disease for which there is no cure. This disease was first

recognized in the mid 1980's. The cause of AIDS is the HIV

virus, and is most commonly spread by venereal routes or exposure

to contaminated blood or blood products. This disease weakens

the body's immune system, allowing other diseases to occur. The

most common treatments available for this virus are the drugs

called AZT, DDI, and DDC which interfere with HIV'S ability to

reproduce itself. These are the only known ways to slow down the

production of the virus.

This virus is spread through the exchange of body fluids

{semen, blood, and blood products} this virus can stay in the

body for as long as a decade with no symptoms. People who have

AIDS have to go through a lot of complications and anxiety.The

most common anxiety is that they have to go through their life

knowing that they are going to die from this disease, another is

the pain and suffering they know they will have to go through.

The difference between HIV and AIDS is that HIV is the virus that

causes AIDS, and AIDS is a disease of the immune system and

unfortunately at this time there is no cure for.

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