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Analysis of student attitudes towards curfew

Analysis of Student Attitudes Towards Curfew


This report is regarding the curfew at East Texas Baptist University. We looked into our mother schools and how they related to our curfew policy. Our research is followed by recommendations on how to better suit the students. The report is based on secondary research using sister schools and primary research using ETBU students and ETBU faculty as well as interviews from Dr. Riley and Dr. Sorrels.

According to our research, we found that ETBU has discrimination among the curfew policy. It is obvious that girls at ETBU have a strict curfew policy compared to the boys at ETBU. Data shows that in some instances the girls’ fines to the boys’ fines is 7 to 1. This ratio is possible because Mabee and Fry do not even have a scanner to record when students come and go. The discrimination on curfew can be reduced when all facilities come equipped with scanners. Students will have less hostility towards the curfew if the policy is fair and just for all.

We are grateful for the 50 students for taking the time to allow for our survey them. The students that helped with our project were cooperative and honest with us. We were able to get accurate results because of there honesty. We were able to see how our students on campus really feel about our curfew and the way it works. Based on these opinions we came up with some recommendations to take care of this problem.

After reviewing this paper, we will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Please come to one of us to get assistance whenever necessary. We would like to help you put our recommendations to action.



















Purpose of the Report

We all agreed to check into our curfew policy here on campus. Each of us felt that there is some discrimination regarding this matter. The purpose of this report is to (1) establish that there is discrimination on our campus regarding curfew, (2) identify what causes the discrimination, (3) to provide recommendations to take care of the problem.

Our secondary research was gather from our sister schools, including: Dallas Baptist University, Henderson State University, Houston Baptist University, Howard Payne University, University of Mary Hardin Baylor, LeTourneau University, and Ouchita Baptist. We called each school and gathered information regarding their curfew policy. Our primary research was conducted by surveys. We talked to 50 different students on campus that lived in each of the dorms on campus. This gave us a more accurate result.

Discrimination Regarding The Curfew Policy

Based on our research we were able to reach the conclusion that there is discrimination on our campus. With the ratios we found and the surveys we conducted both revealed the same outcome. Since the guys have no way to record their coming and going they have more freedom to do as they please. So when they are late for curfew there is no documentation to issue them a fine. Failure to keep the same security devices for both girls and boys is the main reason for this problem on university grounds. This is where the hostility among the students arises regarding the curfew policy. Installing scanners on all dorms and apartments on campus will take care of this problem ETBU is faced with. These scanners will keep up with the times the students scan their cards, which will keep the ratios close.

The results of our project were as we expected. Discrimination is on campus, intentional or not. Based on the current security devices there is no way to keep up with boys coming and going.

Recommendations for Correcting Discrimination Regarding Curfew

After reviewing the evidence we decided on the following recommendations (1) Scanners on all dorms, (2) Security Guards, and (3) Make students enter through their lobbies, with one central scanner. If one of these recommendations are carried out, we don’t feel that discrimination on campus will be a issue any more.



East Texas Baptist University is faced with the issue of discrimination because of our curfew policy. The curfew policy for the school is as follows:

The ETBU residence hall curfew policy serves to provide structure for the personal and social development of university resident students. The curfew policy is designed to protect students and to gradually provide more individual responsibility as they progress through the years spent living at ETBU. Single students living in campus houses will also be required to follow this policy. Any student in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, fines, work assignments, community service, or any combination thereof (handbook 23).

Freshman (less than 30 semester hours) are required to be in their assigned residence hall by 12:30 a.m. Friday and Saturday, unless checked-out overnight, for the weekend, or to study at an assigned study location on campus. They may not sign out after curfew.

Sophomores and Juniors (between 30 and 89 hours) will be required to follow the same curfew as freshman, but not restricted to on campus-study locations.

Seniors (90 hours) have no curfew, but can not be stationary at time of curfew if outside, they must be going to car or to a building.

Regardless of the classification, the policy distinctly states all students are to abide by these rules. As we conducted our research, we discovered that this policy has a few flaws in its own guidelines.

Having a curfew is one thing, but not enforcing it fairly brings up a whole new issue of discrimination. The purpose of this report is to point out the discrimination in our curfew policy. We also hope to prove that it will not take much to fix the discrimination on university grounds. Our sister schools, secondary research, provided us with information about their curfew policies, and no other school has such a huge gap in their ratios. Base on our information we gather from students, our primary research, we learned that the students are aware of this problem and want it taken care of.

As a group, we decided that our main goal is to get our University to take action and install necessary security devices. By doing this, we hope to do away with the tension regarding the discrimination our University is faced with. To get our goals accomplished, we have provides some recommendations that our school will greatly benefit from.

Secondary Research: Sister Universities

For our Secondary Research, we called up our Sister Universities to find out about their curfew policy. After viewing most of these policies, we see that we definitely have the most strict curfew policy. These schools worked well with us for this information.

Dallas Baptist University

Dallas Baptist University has no curfew, for the dorms and currently does not offer on campus apartments. However, they do have a policy on visitation: 2 days form 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Henderson State University

Henderson State University has no curfew for the upperclassmen that reside in the on campus apartments or for the dorms. Dorm visitation is Wed. from 8-11, and the on campus apartments have no curfew policy.

Houston Baptist University

Houston Baptist University has no curfew for the on campus apartments or for the dorms. They offer visitation for the dorms Sat. and Sun. 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. The on campus apartments have everyday visitation but the opposite sex has to be out by 2 a.m.

Howard Payne University

Howard Payne University does have a policy for the dorms, which is 12:00 a.m. on weeknights and 2:00 a.m. on weekends. For the on campus apartments there is no curfew policy. The dorms have visitation on Sundays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and for the on campus apartments there is no policy except there is no over night.

LeTourneau University

The on campus apartments and the dorms have no curfew policy and visitation for both is Thursday through Sunday from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

University of Mary Hardin Baylor

Dorm curfew is weekends 2 a.m. and weekdays 1 a.m. The dorms offer visitation 2 times a semester. There is no curfew policy for the on campus apartments and visitation is everyday weeknights 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. and weekends 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Ouchita Baptist University

Ouchita Baptist has no dorm curfew policy. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday guys can visit girls and on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday girls can visit guys. There is no curfew for on campus apartments and there is open visitation.

Primary Research Using Surveys

Our primary research was obtained by giving out 50 surveys. We handed out 25 to females and 25 to males so that the answers would not be one-sided. The students were very cooperative with us. We asked them to be honest and straightforward with us, and here are the results from the surveys:


1. What is your classification?

Freshman-5 Sophomore-8 Junior-7 Senior-5

2. What dorm do you live in?

Feagan-7 Fry-10 Mabee-8

3. Do you feel that there is sexual discrimination on campus?

Yes -18 No-7

4. Do you agree or disagree with our curfew policy

Agree-1 Disagree-24

5. Do you have a curfew at home?

Yes-0 No-25

If so, then what time? _____

6. Do you think that curfew is enforced more on females rather than males?

Yes-18 No-7

7. Do you think that fines that go with curfew are acceptable?

Acceptable-0 Unacceptable-25

8. Have you received a fine for curfew?

Yes-2 No-23


9. What is your classification?

Freshman-2 Sophomore-8 Junior-7 Senior-8

10. What dorm do you live in?

Merle-5 Linebery-10 Ornelas-10

11. Do you feel that there is sexual discrimination on campus?

Yes-23 No-2

12. Do you agree or disagree with our curfew policy

Agree-0 Disagree-25

13. Do you have a curfew at home?

Yes-2 No-23

14. Do you think that curfew is enforced more on females rather than males?

Yes-25 No-0

15. Do you think that fines that go with curfew are acceptable?

Acceptable-0 Unacceptable-25

16. Have you received a fine for curfew?

Yes-21 No-4

On the questions that have to do with discrimination, the females and males had for the most part the same point of view. This might be the case because the guys know they are getting away with more than the girls can here on campus.


Based on our finding from the surveys that we wrote out, we found that generally all students feel that there is sexual discrimination when it comes to the curfew policy. Out of the 50 students that we surveyed, only 7 said that they did not feel this way. All of the students that said that there wasn’t sexual discrimination were a male, which means that all of the females feel this way. They are the ones that are getting the bad deal here because they are paying money that guys don’t have to pay.

Another issue that we were trying to bring up was the fact that males are not getting fined and the females are. 21 out of the 25 females have been fined and 2 out of the 25 males have been fined. This statistic shows that the males are getting off a little easier. These males may be getting caught but are not being fined, which shows that there is a loop hole in the system that the upper management does not see. There has not been a lot of talk about this issue in the past, which tells me that no one really cares. The females might feel that it would be pointless to talk about this because it would not do any good. The guys do not want to talk about this because it is good for them. They are getting what they want out of this because they are not receiving any fines, which doesn’t bring up any problem for them.

One more issue that was discussed was the fact that there might be sexual discrimination on campus. After going over the surveys, we concluded that the students feel that sexual discrimination is on campus as well. This is largely in part of the fines handed out. The guys are not fined nearly as much as the girls on campus. We feel that if you are going to enforce the curfew for one sex, do it for all.


We feel that there has not been too much hype around this subject to bring on a change but if it were to come up, something would have to change. We feel that if a change were to occur, it would have to make the two sexes equal.

If a scanner were put in a girl’s dorm then one would have to be put in the guy’s dorm. There are two guys’ dorms that do not have scanners and this makes it hard for the R.A.’s to catch people coming in late. The only way that they could do this is to stay up all night and walk around to catch people.

If the school were to hire security guards, it would make a lot easier to catch these people breaking curfew. Both of the guy dorms are assessable without going through the dorm so it would be hard to put in a scanner.

Make all of the students go through the lobby and make them scan. This will allow a record of all the students coming and going.

If we take one of these measures, we feel the problem of discrimination on campus will be fix. This will make it equal for all on campus, which will help the students feel that East Texas Baptist University cares about their students.


For our project, our resources came from 50 ETBU students, our Sister Universities, and our 2000-2001 Student Handbook. The Sister Universities that we used as a source were:

Dallas Baptist University

Henderson State University

Houston Baptist University

Howard Payne University

LeTourneau University

University of Mary Hardin Baylor

Ouchita Baptist University

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