Anaylsis of fear

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Anaylsis Of Fear


"There are essentially two forces that motivate people: Self-interest and Fear." To support my argument, I offer the following:

     Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines motivation as a force or influence,
Incentive, drive. Self-interest; ones own interest or advantage. For the United States, it is good that we are generous in foreign aid. It’s a concern for one’s own advantage and well being as in acting out of concern and fear. Fear is defined as an unpleasant, often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger. Southern slaves knew that ‘Yes sir, no sir, yes ma’am, no ma’am’ would guarantee they would see the sunset and the sunrise. Self-interest and fear combined to motivate Caesar and Pilot. Both knew that their reign was in danger if they didn’t move fast to rid themselves of a potential new ruler of Rome. Caesar, however, stepped out of the picture because this was a very touchy situation and turned to Pilot who in the end gave the people the power to decide the punishment.
     Tipper Gore spearheaded a congressional committee to lobby for the labeling of recorded music that had been deemed profane, objectionable, insulting, or offensive. Her self-interest to do so enabled her to receive contributions to lobby for similar actions and for future speaking engagements for a long time to come. Many recording artists appeared before this committee as they stood to lose millions of dollars in the loss of sales if an outlet refused to stock their music. John Denver appeared and was quoted to say he was opposed to any sort of labeling as this is tantamount to censorship’. His

music had been pulled from the shelves of many music and department stores and removed from the play-lists of radio stations. His song "Rocky Mountain High" was judged it promoted drug usage.
     Self-interest to better myself motivated me to enlist in the Air Force, and retire after serving more than my fair share. I’m still motivated to look after myself, which is why I’m going for my Master’s.
     The inventor of the Gardens Weasel and Claw is rich because he produced a gardening tool that alleviated stress on his lower back. Millions of people have benefited from its use.
     The prophet Muhammad used fear and his own interest to spread his teachings. He would band with other tribes to establish an alliance that protected his tribe from attack from opposing forces. Which in turn allowed him to increase his own numbers when it was his turn to attack, as it often was the case.
     The Discovery Channel featured a segment on the ‘Mystery of Oak Island’. While I don’t remember where it’s located, it seems that a treasure chest had been buried in a sinkhole on the island hundreds of years ago. The lure of untold riches motivated many to find it. Six people have died trying to solve the mystery including the young son of one of leaders of the many expedition teams throughout the years. Who ever had buried it wanted to ensure the chest was there when they would return to retrieve it. They constructed series of shafts from wood starting at the beach that angled underwater to the sinkhole shaft to a depth of one hundred feet. When excavators reached that point the sinkhole shaft would flood. This was the cause of many of the deaths mentioned. Even today there is a team of treasure hunters using the most modern means possible to solve the mystery and become rich and for fifteen minutes be very famous.
     Fear. That which is controlled by evil is destined to fail. But the fear that was controlled by Mann Dhinga, working at the World Trade Center did not fail him. He was burned over forty percent of his body but still managed to walk down eighty-three flights of stairs to safety.
     Todd Beamer and his companions on United Airlines Flight ninety-three confronted the terrorists who had hijacked them when they learned what had occurred with the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. They were able to save countless numbers of lives by crashing the plane in an unoccupied area.
     A woman in a restaurant in Calhoun Georgia overheard a conversation that she felt was being held by those who seemed intent on placing bombs where they would do the most damage to America. When they left, in two cars, their descriptions were recorded as well as the license plate numbers of their cars. Law Enforcement agencies from Georgia to Florida joined the search that led to their capture.
     In conclusion, the examples cited support my agreement. To those in disagreement it would be in your interest to offer more compelling reasons to the contrary.     

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