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Animal farm again

Animal Farm

Napoleon and his new friends sat down while taking a sip of their beers, we all

thought to ourselves; what have we done? The rebellion has done nothing for us

except make us friends with our initial enemies, the humans. Something is very

wrong here. We started off with the hopes and dreams of a new generation of

animal domination, but what is left is defeat and depression.

The only one enjoying himself was Napoleon, talking about his, "business deals."

Napoleon, now joined by squealer, have been looking fairly suspicious. We heard

him say, "The chickens will go for no less than five pounds a piece." We all

just assumed that we might be getting some new friends from the neighboring


The next day we get up to go back to work. The strenuous towing and pulling has

been much worse since boxer was gone. He was such a hard worker. The animals

have had to do twice the work. Napoleon, as usual sits in his office doing his

"paper work." Rumors have been circulating that the cat has seen Napoleon

sleeping at his desk, then after waking, moving to drink his rum. Something must

have to be done. That night, when Napoleon was asleep, all the animals were told

to meet at the "Old Major Orchard" at midnight. Sure enough, the animals arrived.

They had an inquisitive across the hay dark empty field, they all sat down I

started to address them.

"Comrades, we are here tonight to discuss the well-being of all the animals on

Animal Farm. As you may well Know, Napoleon has been seen doing things that we

would all adore too be doing while we work. These thing include: sleeping,

drinking and eating , while we are forced to fulfill our hunger with hay and

pellets made from our own species! Comrades, this cannot continue. Myself,

giving much thought about the situation, have decided to organize a rebellion."

We will fight and have our freedom!"It was decided that there was to be a

rebellion against the pigs, especially Napoleon . The speech had inspired many

of the weaker animals into rebelling with full force. As the former ruler slowly

and lazily walked with squealer the other pigs for their food the animals were

roaring to go. CHARGE! The rebellion had started.

The next few weeks were difficult. It was springtime in the valley and all the

animals were having babies. The young ones were taught with all the previous

teachings and the old had a chance to regain their strength. The only

commandment that were left were "All animals are equal", the most important one

of all. As was the leader of the rebellion, I thought I should be the leader of

the farm.

As the weeks went by all our lives became more joyful, our lives changed for the

better, and we kept one of the commandments "Animals are equal."

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