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April morning

April Morning

I think that some of the reasoning behind Moses Cooper letting Adam

fight in the war was that Adam was no longer a small child like his brother Levi.

He was growing up, and if he told Adam not to fight in the war he probably would

have anyway. Quote "If I had forbade him to sign that muster book then and

there, I would have lost a son. Is that what you want? But I saw him there so

tall and strong I could have wept. You can't shelter him. There comes a time,

and this is that time" (page 75.)

I think that Moses had to die in order for the story to continue because

if he had lived I don't think that the Battle would have been such a alarming

experience for Adam, and because of the traumaticness of watching his father's

death Adam was able to grow up and become more of a man.

Some of the actions of Moses's death were Adam went into a state of almost

shock, and wept and mourned over his father's death "I sat there and cried. I

hadn't cried so much since I was a small boy... Another result of Moses's death

was the meeting of Adam and Solomon Chandler even though their good friendship

only lasted for a brief time

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