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Autobiography a fight!

A fight!

People are different, everyone thinks differently, has different characteristics people act differently, no one is the same in this world. This is good, but some of the time young people do things they regret later, sometimes they cant control what they do, other times they do things to get respect from other people.

One of these things I am talking about is fighting between other fellow peoples.

When I was at the age of 9, I saw my first fight between two of my best friends.

It all started approximately 3 weeks before the actual fight with a silly name calling game which turned very bad.

One day both of these very close friends were in a classroom together with a group of other students in the same room, one person started to call another a name to get recognised by other students as being 'big' and win respect from them. The two friends were the same age, and strength and didn't want to look bad in front of the other students, so the two friends said a comment back to each other in defence.

It started of as a small game, but by the end of the class, it was getting serious. This continued for about 3 weeks, then one day they were in the same class as each other, again throwing comments at each other when one said to the other;

"lets take this out side"

Everyone around them urged them to fight so after the class that's exactly what they did. Arms were flying everywhere, the other students were shouting anger at them to hurt each other more, and more. I remember standing there helplessly wanting to stop them, but new if I got involved I would most probably be suspended for interfering. This made me sad, for I didn't have any control of any of my good friends.

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