Becoming a nurse

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Becoming A Nurse

I have been working at Provena Mercy Hospital as a Patient Access Registration Rep. in the Emergency Dept for 15 months. In this small amount of time of have learned so much of who I am and who I would like to become. I have been through so many different experiences and seen so many unbelievable situations that has showed me that I want to be there to help the patients that come in especially the Hispanic patients. As a Provena health partner I would be able to help and offer my assistance as a bi-lingual nurse to ease their stressful situations as well as providing medical attention. I would also like the opportunity to teach many of our Hispanic communities especially first time parents the importance of giving the correct dosage of medications as well as treatments they can give at home when the winter seasons begin. Nursing plays a very important role in today’s society especially if you’re bilingual. It requires hard work, as well as compassion. It’s extremely hard when there is a language barrier. Our patients often go away with the same questions they came in with unanswered. That is why I am taking this opportunity to continue my education and become a part of the healthcare profession. I am already currently working at Mercy in the Emergency room dept. The doctors I work with are extremely good with the patients as well as being good at what they do.Our hospital is also very interested in Service Excellence. We care about our patients enough to find out how they feel and what they think.

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