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Black like melower class citizens

Lower- Class Citizens

The black community in the United States of America has always been the target of prejudice from the whites. The Constitution of America states all men should have equal rights, but instead of following the constitution whites have treated the blacks as lower- class citizen. An example that the black community has been treated as a lower class citizen they were being persecuted for trying to get an education. The next example that the black community was being treated as lower class citizens is shown when the blacks could not receive a fair trial in the courts. The final example that the blacks have not been treated as equals was when they could not get a decent job. The black community has always been treated as a lower- class citizen not only in the past, but also in today's society.

The first example that the black community has been treated as a lower- class citizen was when they couldn't get a good education. "Besides, those doors are always open to them...But most are deprived of education...This gets easier and easier until she comes up with still another child to abort or support, But none of this is 'Negro-ness'" (Griffin 92). This quote shows that the blacks were deprived of an education, and a good education is usually a symbol of middle- or higher- class citizen. "They are so close to their ancestors learned to read and write at the risk of severe punishment, that learning is almost a sacred privilege (Griffin 125)." This quote shows how the whites had deprived them of an education for many centuries. The quote also shows how an education is a privilege for a lower class citizen and is taken for granted for middle- and higher- class citizens.

In today's society blacks are still being persecuted in schools. An example in today's society that blacks are still being discriminated against is in Corvallis, Oregon. At Oregon State University the white students and faculty are constantly harassing blacks. "People look at me like I'm a hoodlum gang member," said a football player at the university (Cain). This quote talks about how a lot of blacks are viewed as a stereotypic gangster which is considered a lower- class citizen in most people's eyes. At the same campus a black government candidate's posters were defaced (Cain). This shows that the white community does not want blacks in a high government position. A government position is a symbol of a higher- class citizen and since whites defaced the posters it is clear that the whites treat blacks as lower- class citizens.

The next example that shows that the whites were being treated as lower- class citizens was the way the blacks could not get justice in the judicial system. "Mississippi has long had a reputation of failing to punish white men accused of criminal acts against Negroes" (Griffin 50). This quote shows the unfairness of the judicial system. Since only lower- class citizens are looked down upon and are not treated fairly, the quote implies that the blacks are treated as lower-class citizens. Another example that the blacks did not receive justice in the judicial system was during the Parker Lynch case (Griffin 50). Even though the F. B. I. provided evidence identifying the lynchers, they still went free. This shows that a black man can not receive justice even when murdered. In the constitution it states that all men will receive a fair trial, and since the blacks can not receive a fair trial, the quote implies that blacks are lower than whites.

In today's society the same exact thing is happening. Blacks can not receive any justice in the judicial system. "A lot of white people will bring bias denial to a situation ...the first Rodney King trial where you had the whole beating incident on tape... the mainly white jury found the police not guilty. (Rodriguez)" This quote clearly shows that a black man can not get a fair trial. Which also implies that he is not worthy enough to receive the rights the constitution gives him and that he is a low- class citizen who can not receive any justice. Another example in today's society where blacks can not receive justice is during the O. J. Simpson trial. "There are not only instances of racial insensitivity ... the denial of due process, of unwarranted searches, of illegal seizures, of all the charges blacks have been making all along. (Rodriguez)" This quote shows that even a famous black man like O. J. can not receive a fair trial. This shows that blacks can never be equal and will always be a lower-class citizen.

The last way blacks have been treated as lower- class citizen was the way that the blacks had a hard time getting a job or getting by on the job the blacks already have. An example of this is when Griffin tried to find a job, but no matter how qualified or well dressed he could not get a job (Griffin 43). This shows that most employers did not want any blacks working for them no matter how qualified, and if you do not have a job it symbolizes a lower- class citizen. "Do you know how long we'd last, doing something like that" (Griffin 108). This quote shows the little power the blacks have over their jobs and how easily they could starve to death. The lower- class citizen usually has an inferior job, so this quote shows how they are lower- class citizens.

In today's society there are still discriminations on the job site. "Black jellybeans," Texaco officials said ("Change in Course"). According to this quote it is clear there is racism at the job site and that the blacks have no power what- so- ever, and no power means that you are considered lower then the whites.

It is clear that blacks were and are still treated as lower class citizens. It is clear that the blacks could not get an equal chance to get an education. It is also clear that blacks could not receive any justice in the judicial systems. Blacks could not even get a decent job to pull him into the higher class. Although we might have improved a little on some of these problems, they are still happening. In the future we should strive to make everyone equal.

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