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Book review of star wars x wing rogue squardron

Book Review of Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squardron

Dan Boughen 9A

The title of the novel is Star Wars : X-Wing Rogue Squadron.

The author's name is Michael A. Stackpole.

The type of book is fantasy / adventure.

Main Characters

A) Corran Horn : Corran is a pilot in training for the Alliance or the Rebellion.

He is the best rookie pilot on the Rogue Squadron. He is a silent person who

does not like the social life but does like the spotlight once in a while. He

was a CorSec security officer on the planet Correlia in his late teens'.

B) Kirtan Loor : Kirtan is a cold, isolated man that lives on the planet of

Churba. He is a high ranked officer for the Imperial Army. He later gets

promoted to a commanding officer and sits on the right side of the head leader

of intelligence for the Emperor.

Setting : The setting first takes place in the Rebel's secret base. The setting

then moves to a swamp planet by the name of Imdaar. The setting then moves to

Imperial headquarters on the planet of Coruscant.

Plot Summary : Corran and his new partners are given a limited amount of

training time and are sent out on a mission in just weeks of forming the new

Rogue Squadron X-wing fighter group. This book switches the first-person

perspective between Corran and Kirtan Loor. While Corran and the Rogue Squadron

are off fighting TIE fighters and Star Destroyers, Kirtan is hunting down

information on the squadron and it's pilots.

Personal Reaction : I found this book a little hard to read because of the long

complicated sentences and the complex words Michael Stackpole chose for his book.

I would say the reading level would probably be around grade 11 or 12 because

of the intricate words and long sentences. I liked this book because it not

only was exciting and kept me on the edge of my seat, but because of the easy to

read dialogue that was in the book. I would recommend this to anyone who likes

Star Wars books or even the movies, or anyone who likes action / adventure type

books. This book is only the first in the X-WING trilogy. If you like this

book by Michael A Stackpole, then I would recommend reading the next two in the


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