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Campus partylife stereotypes

Oct 10, 1996

In college there are two kinds of people, the party

animal, and The sober guy. The sober guy stays out of trouble,

studies hard, and sometimes keeps to himself. The party animal

studies (most of the time), never avoids trouble, and socializes.

A party animal is always at the party, in line for the keg.

He usually shows up early and partys too late. Rarely would one

see the sober guy at a college party. The party animal never

cares about the brand of beer in the keg. On the other hand the

sober guy, if he partakes in alcohol induced activities, would

chose an imported bottled beer; for example, Corona with a twist

of lime. Chances are that the party animal's favorite beer is

Natural Light in a can, only if it's on sale.

The sober guy is always prepared for a quiz. A party animal

usually studies for a quiz twenty minutes before class begins. He

also misses his classes frequently. Sometimes, when the party

animal shows up for class they are hungover. Often, a party

animal's grades are affected by attendance. On the other hand,

the sober guy is always on time for class, awake, and without a


The party animal is usually a popular guy. People are always

saying hi to him or waving to him on campus. Most of the time he

doesn't even remember who they are. The sober guy goes to class

and that's it. He usually has the business before pleasure

attitude. Once finished with the days studies he will then hang

out with his friends.

These are just two stereotypes of people on campus. They

are almost exact opposites. The party animal doesn't avoid

trouble, has poor study habits, and is very social. While the

sober guy has excellent grades, stays away from trouble, and

isn't as social.

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