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Cant we all just get along

Can't We All Just Get Along?

In our country, everything is run by competition. From basic family roles, to

sporting events, to economic well-being. It is this competitive nature that makes us able

to better ourselves, and others. Competition is the driving force that pushes one forward.

However, assume our nation were cooperative in nature. What would that be like?

Would it be a better place than the competitive world of today?

First there must be a clear understanding of just how this competitive nature

affects our everyday lives. Nearly every aspect of our day has competitive under tones.

Some of this competitive nature is unknowing to the person at the time. For instance, a

school is one of the best demonstrations of competitive nature at play. Why do some

students work so hard in school? To be better than the rest, to be successful. For one to

become better than others, and consciously be doing it, there are definite competitive acts

going on. Tests are competitions, sporting events are competitions. In the work force,

everyone is striving to become the "head honcho". To do this these workers must

compete with each other ( although not a conventional "direct competition" ) to gain the

praise of their supervisor; thus increasing their chances of moving forward.

Next, look at the way a cooperative nation would operate. The entire system of

employment, money, education, etc. would have to be completely revamped. Instead of

trying to surpass someone at something, you would help that person come to your level.

Everyone would have an equal opportunity to education, a job, land, food, etc. This is

called communism. Communism looks brilliant on paper, but does it really work?

History suggests that communism doesn't work. This is thoroughly backed by the

fact that the inventor of communism, the Soviet Union, have fallen out of its government,

and demanded. Without competition there is no drive to become smarter, or better at a

skill. You are guaranteed a job, and despite the job, an equal salary. In a communist

world, doctors receive the same pay and respect ( as a far as the government goes ) as a

farmer. Why should someone subject themselves to such a difficult occupation when

others simply throw seeds on dirt? The answer is that they are forced to by the

government. Therefore communism is equal but unequal.

Overall, communism is a very difficult subject. It seems like it would be the best

thing for everyone, yet it has never been efficient. Therefore, capitalism, or a competitive

nation, is far superior to one of communism. Although capitalism does not work

perfectly, it has been far more successful ( historically ). Also, it is human nature

( actually, animal nature ) to be competitive; from the sperm's race to the egg, to the old

man's last breath, we as a race cannot live without competition.

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