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Christs victory


"It is finished!" John 19:30. What Christ is referring to here is the

accomplished salvation of the people. What that means is that when we are

saved, we do not have to put out burnt saccrifices up to Him. It is no

longer needed because Christ died for us, which took away the iniquities of

our sin. He did this out of great love for us. This is exemplified in

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotton son

that who so ever belief in him shall have eternall life!". That verse is

very important to us, or should be, because in a way, one could base

his/her relationship with the Lord upon it. The reason is because God

loved us so much that he did that for us so that is the least that we could

do. In Genesis 3:15 it says that we will be punished for our sins. Yes,

that is true, but God will forgive and forget them if we repent. You see

this is not possible without Jesus dying for our sins. In Romans 5:6-8 it

says that Christ died for all of us. Even the bad ones, ALL. This is a

sign of the Victory that Christ had won a victory here. The reason is

because of all of the lifes that he saved and will later be saved. In

Romans 5 it says that Jesus died for All Sinners! We are all sinners so

his death was for all.

When Jesus says that "It is finished", he can also be reffering to the

older predictions of Christs' life. There is one in particular that it

might have been talking about in Isaiah. That is the one in which Isaiah

talks of the life of Jesus and the crusifiction, in very short and brief


The suffering in which Jesus took for us lasted all through the night,

and then in the morning the thrusted a sword into His side to see if he was

alive. After the water poored out of His side, you can say that it is

officially over. In my heart it is not completely over, just that of that

era. Jesus will always live in my heart and not until the very end times

is it over in my heart.

When the life of Jesus was over, at the same exact time God tore the

cloth in the temple from the top to the bottom. The reason it had to have

been God is that no one would be capable of tearing it from the top. This

was to show the wrath of God that He had upon the world at this time. I am

sure that He felt bad for His son for having to go through all of this.

God loved the world so much that He did this for us though. We should all

acknowledge the fact that is the reason for the crucifiction.

This little message actually means a whole lot to me. I feel that

when he said that "It is finished", he was reffering to the fact that we no

longer have to sacrifice. I believe that this is a very strong statement

to believers, that they would acknowledge the love and a lesson to the

non-Christians that they would possibly just think about it a little and

maybe they will also think a little more about how they are living their

life. I feel that we all DO fall short of the glory of God, but we a

supposed to do the best we can to be more and more like Him. I love my

lord with all my heart and will continue to my whole life.

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