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Class obervation

Class Obervation

So you want to be come a teacher. You have probably had this desire for a long time, If someone shold ask you why, are you perpared to answer? Many reason are offered, the most frequent being: "I would like working with children", or " i get along well with the children." If that's your reason, it's a very good start...but what is important for you to realize it that it is only a start.

Teaching is a complex science, and many might add, a fine art. with the aid of thisObervation Record, you will have an opportunity to explore some of the elements of teaching: the school, The classroom, he teacher* the children, he community. You will be ask to observe all these, but with purpose, certainly you've seen schools,lassroom, and children, but generally you have looked wuth the eyes of a student. Now we will ask to look at these elements with the eyes of a prospective teacher. As a result of this experience, you should gain some basic insights into the taskof teaching an become prepared for the more demanding task of develoing a concept of teachingand the Acquisition of teaching competencies.

Introduction to the school

Objective: to become familiar with the school setting:

1. Personnel

2. Organizational Patten

3. Special Programs/ services

4. facilities


a). Personnnel

b). organizational patten

c). Special programs / services

d). scheduling procedures

e). Facilities

f). Goals

2. Read 'The Function of the Teacher'- dewey. (index)


Introduction to the school

Personnel- kindly list name for items a - j.

a). Principal _________________________________________

b). Assistant Principal _________________________________

c). Reading Teacher ___________________________________

d). School Psychologist ________________________________

e). School Nurse ______________________________________

f). Librarian _________________________________________

g). Physical Education Teacher __________________________

h). Music Teacher _____________________________________

i). A.V specialist ______________________________________

k). Number o classroom teachers ____

j). number of Paraprofessionals ____

Organization - check appropriate respose and briefly describe.

a). Grade ____

b). Non-Grade ____

c). Open classroom ____

d). Departmentalized ____

e). Team Teaching ____

f). Other (Plaese specify) ____


Special Programs at thi school Please check appropriate responses

a). Head start ____

b). M.R Classes ____

c). Rremedial Reading ____

d). Learning disabilities ____

e). Billingual ____

f). School Lunch/Breakfast Program ____

g). Other (s) Please specify ______________________________

Facilities at this School Please check appropriate responses

a). Auditorium ____

b). Lunchroom ____

c). Gymnasium ____

d). A.V. Room ____

e). Library ____

g). Music Room ____

h). Curriculum Center ____

i). science Room ____

j). Other(s) Please specify ________________________________________

What arethe goals of this school? How are they achieved?


Classroom management

Objective: The student is able to identify and describe those factors which facilitate pupil learning in

the classroom:

1. Physical arrangement

2. Schedule

3. Routines


1. Given a classroom observation, the student will diagram the physical arrangement of the

classroom: seating ; arrangements, learning centers, blackboards, bulletin boards, closets,etc.

see page 5a

2. The student will note the schedule of activities for the da on each observation is made.

see page 5b

3. Arrange to pbserve a child performing routine tasks:

a). Putting wrap away

b). Giving lunch order

c). Assembling "tools" - paper, pencil, books, ctc.

d). Making transition from one activity to another

e). Caring for malterial

f). Preparing for dismissal

g). Leaving the classroom


II Classroom Management

Activity 1. Room Arrangement.


Classroom Management

Activity 2. Schedule


The Teacher

Objective: The student is ~ble to identify and describe tasks teachers perform.

Activities: 1. Read \T~rner, Sylvia. The Teacher. (Optional)

2. Given a classroom observation, the student will identify the instructional and non-instructional tasks performed by the tasks performed by the teacher.

CompJete the following:

1. List all those instructional task the teacher perform during your observation

2. List all those non instrucational task the teacher performed during yor observation:

In your opinion, what other tsks should this teacher have performed during time you observed?


The Student

Objective: The student is ablr to identify and describe the behaviors of specific

Activities 1. Make arrangement with the classroom teacher to follow one child

during the day, recarding as many activities and behaviors obderved

as possible.

2. Read Almy, Millie, Ways of Students Children. (Optional)

Complete the following:

1. List and briefly describe four methods one might use to go about observing and

recording students behavior:






2. Identify and briefly describe four or more types of behavior the child you obseved

demonstrated during your observation.







1. Students in the classroom:

Total number of students____ Boys_____ Girls_____

2. Which types of students did you note? what characteristics did they display?

a) Leaders:

b) Fellowers:

c) Withdrawn:

d) Aggressive:


3. Did you observe any other types? If yes, what charateristics did they display?

For example:


The Community

Objective: The students will identify and describe the community and services

which support the school.


1. Interview a school adminstration to discover:

a). Economic level of families.

b). Perent involvement in school activites, decision making, implementation of


c). Community facilities and services which support the school program.

Complete the following:

a). Write a paragraph about the school community:

b). List organization and shool-related programs for parents at this school.

How inolved are parents in these programs?


c). List community institutions which services school personel staff and /or

puplis, such as libraries, museums, police departments, etc.

d). Attend a P.T. meeting. summarize the contents of the meeting. (Optional)

e). Attend a Board Meeting. Sommarize the contents of the meeting. (Optional)

Answer the following:

1. Where does the money come from to pay for running this school?

2. What do you think are its strenghts?

3. What do you thinks are its weakness?

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