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Cloning is a mistake


HUMAN CLONING IS A MISTAKE? In an article, ¡§Journal says human cloning research ban would be misguided¡¨, Senior Medical Correspondent Dan Rutz and Reuters point out that if the government passed the bill on banning human cloning research, it would be a mistake. They argued that since experiments on animals have improved human¡¦s lives tremendously, including some new medical findings; by researching on our own genes, we would know even more about humans¡¦ bodies, and might even be able to find cures for chronic diseases or cancers. Rutz and Reuters believe that it is not important to clone a human body, but it is important to clone humans¡¦ cells in order to continue to have new findings in our medical field. They suggest that studies on humans¡¦ cells could provide valuable information, such as why we have incurable diseases or how can we provide medication for the incurable diseases. They believe that if they can clone pancreas cells for those with diabetes and blood cells for those with leukemia, they might be able to help ease the suffering for the people in the future. ¡§I¡¦m willing to hold off completely on any kind of plan to clone a human, but I¡¦m not willing to hold off on research that could yield enormous therapeutic benefit.¡¨ In conclusion, Dan Rutz and Reuters urged the ban the human cloning research project, a project like this will only bring our society tremendous among of benefits rather than harm. They have no opposition on placing a 10-year ban on human cloning but they would like to see the government allowing the cloning of human cells and tissues for research to be continued for the sake of the society and human beings.

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