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Compare and contrast essay again

Compare and contrast essay

[Of Mice and Men and The Pearl were two interesting

novellas I was able to read. Both written by the famous author

John Steinbeck. In both books Steinbeck described a lot of social

Injustice, hardships, and how his characters kept their dignity

throughout both books.

In the book, The Pearl, it takes place in Baja, California, Kino,

one of the main characters, had a trustful wife, named Juana, and a

loving baby boy named Coyotito. Kino had a job as a poor pearl

fisher, everyday he would go out in his old canoe fishing for

pearls. Every pearl fisher in the little village Kino lives in has

heard the famous myth about the pearl of the world, which is a

pearl the size of gulls’ egg, and every fisher’s dream is to get it.

One day Coyotito was stung by a scorpion and like any parent

would do, Juana and Kino rushed the little baby to the doctor who

lives in the rich part of town. The doctor refuses to help them out

because they have nothing to pay the doctor except some little

pearls. In rage Kino punched the metal gates with all his might

causing him to bleed at the knuckles. Which proves that if you

have no money then you have no power.

The next day Kino found a clam set aside, far from the others

so he picked it up and opened it, and inside was the pearl of the

world! The next day Kino and Juana went to town to try to sell the

pearl. When more injustice comes in... "It’s worth fifty thousand,

you know it. You want to cheat me!" he told the dealers.

It shows that the dealers thought that Kino was just a stupid

Indian that didn’t know any better about how much the pearl was

really worth. But Kino kept his dignity and his head high and went

home to bury the pearl. Then the pearl started to give Kino trouble,

people tried to steal the pearl and hurt Kino and his family

until he and Juana and their little boy headed for the mountains.

Near the end of the book everything started to go backwards

Kino and Juana had to hide in the caves, and their only son was

shot in the head and killed, and their pearl that filled Kino’s head

with dreams and possibility was thrown into the deep blue sea.

None of Kino’s dreams came true.

In a more realistic story, Of Mice and Men, which takes place

in Salinas, California, Stienbeck wrote this story set durring the

Great Depression. For example when Lennie and

George had to move from job to job to earn enough money to live

on. Once again if you had no money you had no power. Much like

Kino and Juana, Lennie and George were both dream followers,

only their dream was to one day have a farm and own land.

Lennie had a disability and it was giving George a lot of grief

because Lennie was making trouble at every job that they got

which caused George and Lennie to move from job to job to

earn their fifty cents an hour working hot days in the fields.

George found them a job bucking barley. The social injustice

was when George is telling Lennie to "don’t say none" because if

the people find out Lennie had a disability they would not get a job

of any sort.

Throughout this story I had mixed feelings for both George

and Lennie. For example George was basically a babysitter for

Lennie because he was always telling Lennie what and what not to

do... "What are you gonna say tomorrow when the boss asks you


"I ain’t gonna say a word."

"Good boy!"

When they finally got settled Lennie got into trouble a lot with

Curly. Curly would always pick on poor Lennie because Curly

didn’t like big tall people, and poor Lennie would never fight back.

One day Lennie was in the barn playing with his new puppy as

a two-year-old would do and Curlys’ wife stopped in to check

things out. Lennie like to pet things, soft things so when the wife

told Lennie to feel her hair he wouldn’t let go which made her

scream with fright so Lennie, also scared started to shake her

harder and harder until there was a sickening crack and she went

limp in Lennies arms, for he had shaken her to her death. Just as

George walked in and told Lennie to run to the hide out spot.

Once George got there, he shot Lennie. Which in my opinion

George did it for Lennie’s and his own good. Though Lennie

didn’t have much of a chance and followed his morals, which was

to shake the girl to death, Lennie didn’t know what else to do.

Social injustice takes place every where in the world, even

today, for example there are still some jobs that women have and

don’t get paid as much as men do for the same job, and in China

and India there is still child labor going on, and that’s just a


In both books John Steinbeck made a lot of points and gave

some examples about social injustice, I think he made people learn

about diversity as well.

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