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Comparison between african and american cultures

Comparison Between African and American cultures

Our culture has advanced so far and fast in the last decade. The thing that has advanced our culture most is the technology we have. Our technology has produced us with many new products and entertainment that we really enjoy but don't actually necessarily need. The next few paragraphs will talk about comparison of our culture and Africa's culture.

The culture in Kenya is only advancing in certain parts, mainly the bigger cities. There are also many very remote towns and villages that still have some of the native people left in them. Since there are so many different tribes they have lots of native languages. In America Spanish is one of the only other languages spoken. Some of the different tribes in Africa are the Sanburose, Omallose, and Turcanas. The people in these places use many of the old ways and follow most of the traditions their ancestors did because they haven't been introduced with very much of the modern technology we have.

Instead of having an occupation like most of the people here in the United States they grow up learning how to become worriers, graze their animals, hunt for food, etc. The closest thing our society comes to hunting is using guns, and other powerful weapons mostly just to hunt for fun.

Even though most of the native towns and villages are not very advanced there are still many big cities that are very much like ours. One of the things that really shocked me the most was how much the average worker made their. It was about 200 dollars. I don't think this applied to the city workers. 200 dollars is nothing to the average worker here in America.

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