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Computers in our lives

There is a dispute over computers and the knowledge which is requied

to operate them.

First of all, some people say that anyone who does not know how to use the computer

is not preapered for the future.

Second of all,without knowledge of computers anyone dont stand a chance on

the job market.

Because without education in this field there is no way to succed

in life or to find ajob which would provide decant pay for an average


However,other people have different opinion about this issue.

In theit opinion knowledge of computers is not required in today's

job market.

They also thinks that people should not depend so much on computers

but more on their own education and capibilities to make the right


Even knowing for a fact that the computers are almost everywhere

in use it's not appropriate for people to get addicted to them and to make

them solve all of our problems for us.

That is the only one of many reasons why so many people are divided

about this topic on both sides.

Altough from my own experience with a computer all I can say is that THe

computers are one of the most important things which were discover since


That is why I wiil have to agree with people who support computers and education

that is involve to operate them.

the end.

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