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Could you live happily without television

Could you live happily without television?

In the current 22nd century, many forms of media texts lie across our planet, including magazines, newspaper, internet, radio and television. But probably the most important out of all of them is television. Television is a source for top entertainment adored by all ages but the programs are influencing the eyes of the viewers both in a good and bad way. Violence, sex, and bad language seen at an early age could affect a child's future. TV broadcasters nowadays would do anything to make the most profit out of their shows. Television, as many researchers and scientists have said, is influential to all viewers and audiences. Some others even believe that it is essential for television to be in part of their daily life. But many still argue against those. Well today, I am going to give my personal opinions on "Could you live happily without television?"

First of all, I will start with the ideas which could agree on that you can live happily without television. Television is modern form of media which educates, inform and entertain us. But in the modern world, many other types of media also exists, such as magazines internet, radio etc. etc. These other forms could substitute the job of television. Also, living without television could prevent it influence your way of thinking or making decisions. Many people are unaware that television is most watched by children and teenagers around the world and everyday, our next generation are being influenced by the sexual content, violence and bad language. More than 30% of children who watch television believe whatever shows up on the tele. is Researchers around the world have discovered that children and teenagers who watch more than 5 hours a day of television will be more likely to perform violent actions when they grow up. This means a majority of the next generation will be more likely to perform violent actions. Nowadays, televisions broadcasters would do anything to gain audience to view their show. Therefore, TV shows nowadays have a wrong moral and doesn't teach children the difference between right and wrong. To continue with that, The First Lady Laura Bush once said "Children cannot learn to read by watching television. Television is just background noise and a distraction". Television is an addictive form of media. Many TV addicts around the world spend the majority of their time in front of the television. Without television, we could find more time to extend our knowledge in other different aspects..

But, isn't the whole point of television is to get away from our boring lives. Doesn't everyone sit in front of the TV to watch their favorite soap opera? Or sit on the couch every weekend with a bowl of popcorn to watch the football game? This is the whole point of television being created. It was for our entertainment. Have you realized that most of the conversations you have with your friends or family have got to do with television? "Oh, you know the game last night?" or "what happened to Joey after the car crash?" All these have got to do with TV shows. If TV was taken away from you, just think. Do you still think you will be able to communicate with your friends without trying to change the topic every time they talk about a TV show? Television also keeps us up to date on global news. If people didn't have television, I don't think they would know about terrorist bombings around the world neither would they know about Bin Laden. Many channels nowadays such as Discovery Channel provides us with educational programs, it extends the knowledge of viewers to a higher level. However, some might say that there is a lack of educational programs but even through sports broadcasts, we can discover new hobbies which we enjoy, or to extend our skills and knowledge from it. Without television broadcasts, many famous celebrities such as actors and singers would not be known as there are no television to broadcast their work. Channels such has HBO, Cinemax and Star Movies provide movies for viewers to watch for free. Viewers would then not need to pay for cinema tickets or to buy movies to watch. However, the varieties of movies are limited.

Coming to a conclusion after all the arguments, I personally think that it is possible to live happily without television due to the wide varieties of other media. But of course, with television, we will all live an even happier life. There are many benefits and disadvantages living without TV, but on the other hand, we would all get used to it. Just nearly 100 years ago, no one has even heard of television and they still survived. So why can't we?

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