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Creation myth


Good vs. Evil In the beginning all was dark. The universe stood still, just like a huge boulder. God stood one day, above all, staring at this unmoving mass. ¡§A great waste of space,¡¨ He thought, and with this thought still in mind He went into his great kitchen to bake light. The light was ready, finally for it took many years, light isn¡¦t very easy to create. Got took in and hurled it at a medium-size rock, which he then called the Earth. He decided that the Earth would be His main project, and until Earth was finished, He wouldn¡¦t work on anything else. God looked around the Earth, which was now glowing brilliantly on one side but was still dark on the other side, for there was only enough light to light up half the Earth. God thought that the other side of Earth needed to have light too, because God believed in equality for everything and everyone, and with this thought, he gathered up the light and hung it in the sky. The light was bright and hot enough to light up, sill, only one side of the Earth so God took His powerful hand and spun the Earth hard so it revolved around the light which he decided to call the sun. This way the whole planet would get light. God then realized that the Earth was now too hot to live on, so He blew in the air and created the atmosphere, fog and dew. He raised his hands and down came the water, filling up everyone of Gods footprints and making all the oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. Then God found a ball of mud, just enough to fit into one of his great hands, and proceeded to squeeze it in to the shape of a man. He cried one tear, and only one, on the mud, and almost immediately the mud had life stored inside it. After a few years of the man being all alone on what was now called Earth, man spoke to God and said, ¡§God, I am grateful for you creating me but I am very alone down on Earth, and wish to have a partner down there. God agreed, took another handful of mud and shaped it to look like a woman. He sent her down to Earth and together, the man and women created several more men and women. Man went back up to the heavens where God lay, watching over things and said, ¡§God, I am grateful for you creating my partner and I but it is too quiet on Earth and we have run out of food.¡¨ God thought for a moment then made all the animals from everyday things, insects from everyday food and reptiles from everyday normal water with bacteria. It was then that the first animals insects and reptiles were created. A few years later, Man came back up to the heavens and had told God how the witches who lived down in hell had told Man that soon they will be taking over the world with evil. There was one way how they wouldn¡¦t create evil in the world, if they are allowed to live in Heaven and God will be forced to live in hell. God was outraged at the order and commanded his servants to send him his looking glass. His servants brought him the most ornate, special glass in the universe and God then peered in and asked it, ¡§Where are the witches?¡¨ The looking glass shimmered once then the picture appeared. ¡§This can¡¦t be!¡¨ God roared and immediately the sunny day turned to a rainy, stormy day. God saw the witches dancing around their caldron, down in the helliest places of the world. They were creating evil. God then created a boundary between Heaven, Earth and Hell and watched as the witches cried with anger for being trapped and then created more and more evil. The next day, Man came to visit God only to realize that a heavy silver gate blocked the gateway to heaven. He called for God. God came to the gate, looked at the man sadly and said, ¡§I have failed you. Evil has seeped out of hell, and will invade your homes until it has take over everything and anything.¡¨ Man then found himself back on Earth and he decided to keep the news inside of him so as not to worry others. The next day, the old man and women died. The witches celebrated this death, then tried to kill the others, but by now, there were too many of them. That is why we have revolutions, wars, battles, and conflicts, yet the witches still want us all to hurt each other more. Even today, if you look deep enough into your soul, you can see the witches still dancing inside you, waiting for the moment when their evil can seep out, into the world, once more.

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