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Creative story huck finn

Creative Story: Huck Finn

Setting : A rainy night, Jim and Huck find a cave to stay in for the night.

Jim caught some fish for dinner.

Huck: Gee Jim, dis fish be tastin mighty fine.

Jim: I knows it, I's catched dem fish and cooked it good.

Huck starts choking on a fish bone and Jim gives him the hymlic to get it out.

He gets it out.

Huck: Damned bones, Thanks Jim you saved my life.

Jim: No problem Huck, I been yer friend fer along time.

Huck: I knows it Jim. You's been a good friend to me.

Jim: Huck! You's know it a bad omen te chock upon one of dem der fish bones.

Huck: Noo, Ya just kidden me, I never hear dat befo Jim.

Jim: Yesiree, Dat be da truth, wees gotta break da bad luck wit some good.

Huck: How we goin ta do dat Jim. You's just gotta help me.

Jim: Don'tcha worry I already gots us a plan.

Huck: C'mon Jim tell me what it is.

Jim: O.K. Huck first ding in da morning wes gotta set us some traps and catch

us a rabbit. Once we catch da rabbit we have to kill it and cut off one of it's

feet so that you could carry it around for good luck. Den after we do dat we

could eat da rabbit fer breakfast.

Huck: I thought you's did dat wit cats feet Jim.

Jim: No Huck dats crazy its wit rabbits feet. You gotta carry it in your

pocket or wear it around yer neck for da good luck.

Huck: I gets it know Jim da good luck cancels out da bad luck.

Jim: Dats right Huck yous got it know!

The Next Morning

Huck: Hey Jim, Hey Jim, Wake up wes gotta go find us a rabbit.

Jim: all right Huck We gots to make us a trap go Git some sticks and vines.

Huck: All right Jim I'll be right back wit dem fer you to help me.

They build a trap And catch a rabbit

Huck: Hey Jim wes caught one let's kill it and cut of it foot.

Jim: O.K. Huck slow down a little bit so ya don't hurt your self.

Huck: It's dead and I got it's foot know my bad luck is goin ta be all gone and

I'll be safe fer ever know.

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