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Creative story the crash

Creative Story: The Crash

It was a calm sunny day in mid-January as Bob climbed into his plane to

go for a late afternoon flight over the mountains. He started the engine and it

gave a weak squeal as it turned over. Bob thought nothing of this as it happens

when it is cold out, but it was more than he could ever know. He taxied his

plane to the end of the runway and applied full power. The plane began to

accelerate slowly at first but quickly gained speed, and just as fast it leaped

into the air.

About twenty minutes into the flight the plane gave a shudder as a

strong gust of wind shoved at the small plane. In minutes the sun disappeared

and snow took its place. Bob's peaceful afternoon flight had just become a


Bob attempted to turn the small plane back to the airport but the wind

would not allow it. The wind had it's way with the plane until that squeal came

back to haunt the young man inside. With a shudder and a bang the plane's prop

stopped. Within seconds the stall horn began to blow and the plane rolled onto

it's right side and plummeted to the snow covered ground.

Bob awoke, not knowing how long he was out, hoping that some one had

received his frantic calls for help. After a day he decided to try and hike out,

he took everything he could carry. He made good distance during the day but at

nightfall he knew it was over; the temperature had fallen below negative fifty


The rescuers sent out search parties and finally found him in his

sleeping bag next to a burnt out fire. They had been looking for weeks, this is

what they had expected.

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