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Creative writing inn from hell

Creative Writing: Inn From Hell

It all started on a dark a stormy night just outside of the Paris city

limits at about 11:00 P.M. when Doctor Bleed and his assistant checked into the

old run down inn. You see the weather was so bad that they could not even make

it all the way over to Spain so they had to stop.

They walked in with thier clothes soaked from the rainfall, when they

first walked in they realized that there was nobody at the desk to wait on them

so they just took it upon themselves to get a room for the night. That was

thier first mistake. As they walked up the creeky stairs they peered around

every corner looking for an open room so they could relax in peace. When the

end of the hall grew near they both spotted an open room with a light on in it

and both of the beds with all of the blankets all folded up nice and neat,

almost as if they were expecting us to arrive that evening. Without even

thinking about anything else they both entered the room and agreed that it was

probably too late to go wake up the inn keeper so they would just go down and

pay him in the morning. After removing the soaking wet clothes they put on

thier night clothes and not even five minuites after hopping into bed they were

both asleep. That was thier next mistake.

Now like most people Doctor Bleed just had to get his drink of water in

the middle of the night or or or .......Well thats funny I dont think that he

has ever not had his refreshing drink of water in the middle of the night. Oh

well, I sure hope he gets it. Like normally the Doctor woke up at about 2:00

A.M., now with the doctor not knowing the house he just took off in any old

direction which he should not have done because he did not know what he was

about to get himself into. As the doctor roamed the inn he started to swear

like a mad man because he still could not find any water. He thought to himself

"What kind of an Inn is this". He would soon find out. Just then The doctor

spotted what appeared to be a bathroom with the lights on, he would be sure to

find some water in there. As he looked around the bathroom for the faucet he

heard this soft chant coming from another room across the hall. It almost

sounded like the Theme Song from "Barney", he caustiosly tip toed across the

hall desperatly hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever is making that horrible

noise. He opened the door and there standing right in front of him dancing

around and singing songs like a fairy was a huge purple dinosaur. Right away

the Dinosaur spotted the doctor and grabbed him by the arm and attempted to get

him to dance to the theme song from "Barney". Scared to death from the words of

the horrible song he decked the dinosaur straight in the left eye, that gave

the doctor time to run. As he ran he could hear the dinosaur clodding behind

him repeating the words "Come back! All I want to do is sing my song".

Quickly looking for a place to hide the Doctor Dove into the laundry room and

watched the giant purple dinosaur jog past him, A sign of relief the Doctor

thought to himself, or maybe not because right when he turned around he saw a

strange man doing his laundry. The Doctor decided to go closer for a better

look at the man, as he peered over his shoulder he saw that it was "PEE WEE"

Herman!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no the Doctor has ran into that moron with his very own

playhouse and talking furniture, the doctor knew he had to get out of there

fast. Before he could get out of the room "Pee Wee" pulled out a gun and made

the doctor sit down and watch old reruns of his show which was a total flop.

After watching just one of the episodes the doctor pinched himself just to make

sure that this was no dream, And what do you know it wasnt.

Now the doctor was still craving that drink of water that he wanted over

an hour ago, and this moron showing him the movies was not helping one bit.

Then the doctor began to change....HE WAS GETTING BIGGER....HE TURNED

BLACK......and the next thing he knew he was wearing boxer shorts that said

Tyson on them. His hands turned into boxing gloves and wasting no time he

jabbed "Pee Wee" right in the gut leaving him laying in aftershock. Now it was

payback time for that purple threat to the world "Barney". The doctor found

"Barney" in the exact same place as before and doing the exact same thing as

before, Acting like a fairy! The doctor dove right on top of the purple friek

and hog tied him with his very own tail, but that wasnt enough for the doctor

so he began kicking the dinosaur everywhere. With every kick he shouted "And

this one is for teaching my kids to sing your stupid song 24 hours a day and 7

days a week. As the doctor paused he spotted a glass of water that "Barney"

had been drinking on so the doctor walked over and chugged every drop in the

glass, I mean it wasnt like "Barney" was going to be wanting anymore. About 20

seconds after he drank the water he began to morph back into his previous form,

now after all that work the doctor decided to go right to bed and deal with the

mess in the morning. Now the doctor would never have to worry about bad dreams

again, that being because he was his own bad dream, and with that in mind he

closed his eyes and had a wonderful rest.

The next morning doctor Bleed's assistant woke him up early so they

wouldnt have to pay the inn keeper, obviously the assistant did not even

realize anything that went on last night. Oh well the doctor didnt really feel

like telling anybody anyway. As they drove away the doctor saw that there was

a full moon last night.......COINCEDENCD I THINK NOT!!!!!!

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