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Creative writing jimmy valentine the safe cracker

Creative Writing: Jimmy Valentine the Safe Cracker

As Ralph D. Spencer strolled down the sidewalk, he knew of a few things

he had to do. For he liked being Ralph Spencer and did not want to return to

being Jimmy Valentine.

First, he went back to the bank where everyone was still trying to grasp

ahold of what just happend. He took his soon to be wife by the hand and as they

walked to the shoestore, he tried to explain.

He told her everything about his previous life. The way he broke into

safes, the many times he had been in and out of jail, the tools he had to break

into safes, and most of all the way she had changed his life. He also told her

why he even had the tools with him in the first place.

After she had heard all of this, she was still kind of leary about

marring him. She was apprehensive about the future of them as husband and wife

and also about the future of the shoe store.

Jimmy was so sure of himself, that the next night, he had a document

made that stated that in the event of a divorce, or the death of Jimmy, the

shoestore would be completely owned by his wife, Annabelle.

Two months later, Jimmy and Annabelle Spencer were married. That same

day, Jimmy threw all his safe cracking tools over the bridge into a small stream.

For three years everything went well. Their shoestore had great buiesness,

They had 2 children, and they bought a beautiful home in the country.

Everything was going well untill one day Annabelle woke up and her

beloved husband was missing. Nowhere to be found. Also, when Jimmy had thrown

the tools into the shallow stream, they had not gone far and you could still see

the top handle of the suitcase. Annabelle went across the bridge that afternoon

only to find her husband Ralph D. Spencer A.K.A. Jimmy Valentine dead over a

rock with his hand floating toward his suitcase.

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