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Creative writing the pearl continuation

Creative Writing: The Pearl - Continuation

As Kino and Juana walked hand in hand back to their brush house the

song of evil hung over them like a shadow. For they could not understand why

their pearl , this beautiful wonderful pearl that was supposed to bring them so

much happiness wasn't worth nearly as much as they had expected. When they

arrived at the brush house Kino sat in a corner while Juana placed Coyotito down

in his crib for a nap. Kino again raised his pearl out in front of him. On it's

shiny surface he could see the images that he had once seen before starting

slowly to diminish. But Kino with a adamant look on his face refused to give up.

We will go to the capital city and get all that we deserve for this pearl. We

have waited long enough he told Juana. She heard his voice and she knew better

then to argue, she knew he was determined. The next morning Kino awoke early. He

turned to awaken Juana. He told her to pack the essentials, he wanted to get an

early start to the city. Juana awoke without a fuss. As Juana started to pack

she thought about Coyotito. She told Kino that it might be dangerous traveling

that long of a distance. Kino told her to bring him to the house of his brother

Juan Tomas. She did and Juan Tomas and his wife Apolonia said that they would

gladly take care of him. She thanked them and went back to Kino. He had just

finished packing. He then grabbed a few corn cakes and they started on their

long journey.

As they arrived in the city they had found that it had almost entirely

changed. The streets were more crowded, the stores were getting more business,

and all in all was more modern. Kino walked up to a young looking man and asked

where the pearl buyers were located. The man didn't answer he just walked away.

Kino thought that this particularly strange. Back at La Paz anyone would have

been glad to give Kino directions. Juana told Kino that she would try and that

maybe she would get directions. Juana went up to an older man and she asked him

the directions to the pearl buyers. She continued to tell him about the pearl,

how her husband had this big and exquisite pearl. Then he did something she

never expected him to do, pull out a rifle turned to Kino and demanded the pearl.

But Kino was confused. Because of his lack of knowledge he thought this man

wanted to trade pearl for rifle. Kino told him he was going to get much more

then just a rifle. Then Kino started telling him about all that he saw in the

pearl. How he was going to get new cloths and so on. But the man was not amused.

He thought it was some sort of joke or smart remark. He pointed the gun at Kino

and Juana and told them to go with him into an alley, over past one of the more

popular stores. Kino and Juana walked in front while the man followed. In that

alley way the story ended. It was said that Kino was shot and Juana had only

minor injuries. Only one more thing was said that the music of evil from that

day forth forever lingered in Juana's mind.

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