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Creative writing the tale of me and summer reading

Creative Writing: The Tale of Me And Summer Reading

It was a bright, hot summer day when it all happened. I could have been

sitting at the beach or swimming. Although that was not the case. I had to

actually put effort into something, to actually think , to actually well, read.

I went upstairs to find the summer reading list. I looked through pile after

pile of school computer printouts but still no luck of that little reading list.

I began to get frustrated and decided the best thing to do now would be to take

a break, and that is exactly what I did. I got into my bathing suit and went for

a nice swim. I was swimming for about an hour when all of a sudden I got this

thirst for a nice cool beverage. Thoughts began to flow through my mind about

how quenching and replenishing that glass of coke would taste. This caused me

to immediately jump out of the pool and run in for a drink. As I took a cup

from the cabinet I saw in the reflection of the glass a blue sheet on the

refrigerator. I immediately turned around and there I saw under a magnet, on the

refrigerator, the summer reading list!

I wanted to start reading as soon as possible. Although I wanted to see

how many books I could read that were on the summer reading list but would not

have to go to the library to get a hold of. My mother is a big book reader so I

checked her collection and I found one. "The Terminal Man" By: Michael Crichton.

To my surprise I actually enjoyed reading this book. I don't like reading that

much, I rather watch a movie. This book however was different. It was really

suspenseful and hard to put down. I know my story sounds really convincing but I

will prove to you any way that I read this book by giving you a quick summary of

the novel. Harry Benson, the main character, is a 31 year old computer

scientist. About 4 years back he got into a car accident and got brain damage

which causes him mental seizures. What happens during these seizures is that he

goes on a violent rampage for seven or so hours and then all of a sudden wakes

up from this seizure and does not know what has happened or what he has done.

Harry is admitted to Universal Hospital, the doctors plan to implant electrodes

into his brain to shock the part of his brain that causes the seizure right

before it happens. Well to make a long story short. Harry escaped from the

hospital, figures out how to make himself get these pleasurable shocks minutes a

part, and continues to get these violent rampages. Dr. Ross, his doctor finds

Harry in the computer room of the hospital and shoots and kills him in self-


The next book I read was "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding. This book

I also enjoyed. I thought Jack's tribe was a little to violent for their age, I

mean they dropped a rock on Piggy's head and killed him. The kids who killed

him were only 10 years old and some of the kids who tried to kill Ralph were

even younger. This novel itself was a little too long for me but I put up with

it. I am not sure how long you wanted this paper to be and I am running out of

space so I will tell you what I thought was bad about this novel to prove I

read it. I thought it was a little unrealistic how these children immediatly

took control of the island and got organized. If that was me I would have been

shivering, cold, and scared, thinking how I would either get eaten by some

wild animal or, die of old age. That was really the only part of the novel I

thought wasn't realistic. The rest seemed pretty believable. This was a good

book and would recommend it to others.

The last book I read I started the week before school. "Night" By: Eli

Wiesel. This was the most boring 30 pages I have ever read in my life and I

could not finish it! The novel just dragged on and I just couldn't read a

chapter without thinking of something else. I am sorry I did not read this, I am

sure it is a great book. Just a little to boring for me.

This concludes my story about my summer reading experience and what books I

did and did not read.

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