Daily stress and its affects

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Daily Stress and Its Affects

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     Stress is a killer. There is doubt that stress can cause health problems. Daily stressors lead into major health problems. Therefore if you can manage your daily stress you can promote a healthier life. The American Medial Association defines stress, as being any disruptions of a person’s mental and physical well being. (4.) My position is that if you balance the stress in your life you can live healthier and prevent certain sicknesses.
     Not all stress is bad for your body. It is good to have some stress in your life. However, too much stress in your life can be harmful. Stress seems to come mostly from psychological threats instead of physical ones. Stress varies from person to person. For college students time management is a major stressor. (1.) According to the American College Health Association’s survey last year, more than 92 percent of college students occasionally felt overwhelmed by the work required for school. (1.)
     Stress can be anything that causes change in your life. A new job can be good stress. Being late for an appointment can also be stressful in a bad way. So all the daily stressors can be different from day to day. Losing a job, suffering from martial problems, being angry with a friend or family member, or enduring other traumatic experiences can cause major stress.
     In one research, for eight nights 1,031 different Americans were called and asked what caused them stress. They were asked their mood and physical symptoms. The answers ranged from kids faltering at school to in-laws needing help. Men’s problem mainly focused on work and women revolved around other people. (2.) The older the person the better they deal with stress. At the ages 25 to 59, women reported stress on 44% of days versus 39% for men. People younger than 40 were most likely to feel strain from arguments and interpersonal tensions. (2.)
          Stress affects just about all of your body. If a person is stressed out they could experience fatigue, aches and pains. Crying spells, depression, anxiety attacks and sleep disturbance are all associated with stress. The gastrointestinal tract also suffers from stress. Many people that have a lot of stress also have ulcers, colitis, irritable bowel, cramps and diarrhea. You would think that with just these symptoms a person would try to manage daily stress. There are more problems that occur with stress. One could obtain thyroid gland malfunction. The number one killer from stress is with the cardiovascular system. Heart attacks and strokes in the number one killer. High blood pressure is also a sigh of stress.
     Stress leads to many health problems. The main thing is that stress can be dealt with in a positive way. As I stated before some stress is helpful, but too much can be deadly. If stress isn’t dealt with it could lead to suicide. Less than 2 percent of college students attempt to commit suicide each year. (1.) At the University of Pittsburgh last year 125 students killed themselves. (1.)
     This seems sad since stress can be dealt with. At Harvard 63 students went through a six-week stress-management program. During these 90-minute sessions the students learned the deep-breathing and relaxation techniques. These students scored extremely lower than other college students on stress test. They reported less stress for a year and a half later. (1.) This is a course that should be available at all schools.
     Stress contributes to 50 percent of all illnesses in the United States. (4.) 70 to 80 percent of all visits to the doctor are for stress related and stress-induced illnesses. (4.) It’s good that people go to the doctor for stress. However, they could reduce stress without
having to go to the doctor. There are many ways to reduce or handle stress in your life. The easiest and one of the healthiest antidotes for stress is laughter. Just smiling helps because it releases blood flow to the brain and endorphins are released. (4.) This gives a sense of well being. Some other simple techniques are doing uninterrupted breathing. Another stressor is lack of sleep. Therefore break the stress-sleeplessness cycle. You can help relieve your sleep problem by developing a daily sleep routine and don’t drink alcohol or caffeine before bed. Another thing is to reserve your bedroom for sleeping and sex only. (4.) Writing down your feeling in a diary may help relieve emotional stress. (4.)
     Time management is a major way to reduce stress. If you can keep a schedule of the things you need to do and when you have to do them, this can open time for yourself. Try to focus on the important task and then do the little things. (3.) Many stress experts suggest that you begin your fight against stress by defining your values. (4.) Don’t think that everything has to be perfect. If you are a perfectionist you fuel a variety of stress-producing qualities. (4.)
     If your over stressed slow down. Try moving, talking and behaving in a relaxed, slower manner. (4.) Some tips on how to slow down is to drive slower than usual. Wait five minutes in the driveway before going in the house. All you need to do is relax and ease into the transition to home. (4.) Another stress deterrence would be to increase some good stress so that when you have more stress it doesn’t seem like an overload. Procrastination is done for a number of reasons. Fear of success or failure, fear of separation from a project once it’s finished, fear of criticism and fear of authority are all reasons to procrastinate. Procrastination is a leading cause of daily stress. Therefore if you brake the task up into smaller task then it will easier to finish instead of putting it off.
     If you can’t relieve stress on your own then it is best to seek help. The first step in seeking help is to start with a checkup. Then follow the doctor’s orders. Get psychotherapeutic help if your stress seems uncontrollable. (4.) You can also try joining a
stress management support group. If all else fails then try bioelectromagnetic therapy. The most important thing is to get help. It is simple to get the help and can prevent major or      
minor health problems. It would seem that relaxing would be safer and cheaper than letting stress get the best of you.
     Psychologist found that support from family and friends can relieve stress. (1.) Dr. Christopher J. McCarthy said, "From your parents you learn rules and strategies for handling your emotions. You      can learn that even if bad things happen, and I have bad feelings, I cab handle them." (1.) So maybe if you can’t handle the stress and the doctor isn’t possible, then maybe family is the key.
     In conclusion, stress can lead to many problems in your life. There are a number of ways to deal and eliminate stress. If you feel loaded with to much stress then try to get relief. This might be done on your own or with the help of a doctor. As the saying goes, "an ounce of prevention leads to a pound of cure."
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