Development of a fetus

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development of a Fetus

The Development of a Fetus in it’s Mothers Womb
     Nine months may seem like a long time, but its short when you realize all that mother and baby have to do. Most women undergo a change in feeling, appearance, mood, and energy. In the end when the mother meets the baby that has been growing inside her, pregnancy will make sense. For now sit back and relax, pregnancy is quite a ride.
     The first trimester is from conception to fourteen weeks. In the first month a woman usually has no idea that she is expecting. The uterus formed a bed of tissue, and in hours after fertilization, gender, eye color, and texture of the baby’s hair are set. The fertilized egg will divide into cells as it flows through the fallopian tube. Then it settles in the uterus, where it will stay for the next thirty-six weeks or so. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is produced, the hormone that make a pregnancy test positive.
     In month two the placenta the placenta and the umbilical cord are functioning. The amniotic sac has formed around the embryo. Its poppy-seed-sized heart is beating, and other major organs are being formed.
     In month three the embryo is now called a fetus. The doctor will begin to pick up rapid heartbeat. By twelve to fourteen weeks the baby will grow to be three to four inches in length. The baby will also weight a little more than an ounce. Bones will being to form, fingernails and toenails will grow, and the gums will have tiny buds beginning to spout.
     The second trimester is from fourteen weeks to twenty-eight weeks. In month four the fetus if fully formed, although it is out of proportion. The skin is covered with tiny hair called lanugo. The heartbeat gets stronger and the fetus sleeps, kicks, swallows, and even urinates. Most women may be able to feel their babies moving.
     In month five the baby should be moving very rapidly. It has grown to be about a pound now and twelve inches long. The baby also begins practicing breathing. The fetus can even hear.
     In the sixth month the baby’s movements are much stronger and happening more frequently. The fetus usually sleeps during the day and is awake and active during the night. Most women find this leaving them restless, and try settling down often during the day.     
     The third trimester is from twenty-eight weeks to forty weeks. In month seven the fetus is growing, growing, growing! The fetus starts making faces, crying, kicking, and elbowing its mother. Most women notice that the baby has begun really hurting their ribs, this means that the baby is head down and will stay that way until they deliver.
     In the eighth month the baby will gain most of its birth weight. This causes the uterus to grow 1,000 times it original size! The head, foot, and elbow are easily found. If the gender is male his testes are beginning to descend. The bones are getting strong, but the head will remain soft so the baby can pass through that birth canal easily.
     In the ninth month the lightening stage begins. This means that the baby slips down into the position for birth. Labor starts soon after, but because everybody’s labor is not the same it will take as long as it needs before the baby is born.
     Being pregnant is not as bas as it may sound. Although it takes nine months the result of the baby will bring much joy. The nine months of pregnancy will soon be forgotten.

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