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Did we land on the moon


Did we land on the moon

Did we land on the moon? Honourable judges, teachers, and fellow students.

When I asked you that question I’ll bet 95% of you said to yourselves "What’s he talking about? Of course we landed on the moon. Doesn’t he remember Neil Armstrong in 1969?Maybe there is some information that NASA and the government has fooled you on. Let me take the next 4 minutes to fill you in on why I think the moon landings were faked.

First I’ll start with the photographs taken on the moon. The cameras used on the moon were strapped to the astronauts’ chest, there were no viewfinders on them and they were pre focused. Therefore the astronauts could not adjust the camera exactly on the object they wanted to take the pictures of and the pictures would be somewhat blurry. Yet every picture taken on the moon is focused and adjusted. Another good point about the pictures is that in every moon photographs there are no more than 3 stars in the sky. Even though from the moon there would be a lot less artificial light making more stars visible.

What about the radiation belt? Once you get into deep space there is a radiation belt and you would need 6 feet of led on either side of the rocket and space suits. If this protection was not provided the astronauts would be zapped with over 300 Rads. of radiation. This would fry an astronaut in about three seconds.

Most of us students weren’t alive to watch the video of Neil Armstrong taking the first steps on the moon but you may have seen a replay of it on T.V these videos were also great evidence. Back in the time of the 60’s it was difficult to send a video image from one building to another that were 50 miles apart from each other over flat ground. How are we to believe that they could send video over 250,000 miles? It is mind boggling on how they managed that. Also when you fast forwarded the video’s two time as fast the men looked as if they were jumping and hoping on earth’s surface, and in two different videos it appears that the astronauts are walking on the same spot, yet NASA clams that they are totally different seen.

You’re probably asking yourself "Why would NASA lie about sending a man to the moon? I mean what’s the difference to us if we didn’t?" Well there are many theories on why but the two that I think are the most obvious are, because the Vietnam War was in it’s peek and the Government needed something to get the minds of Americans off the war. But the most convincing reason is that it was the dead of the space race and Russia was winning. They had already beat the U.S to placing the fist man in space, placing the first object on the moon and putting the first object in orbit, or in other words the first satellite. The U.S felt threatened by this and instead of backing down from the Russians they lied about the whole thing.

Although I think that they were faked there is some rock solid proof that we did. The Apollo 11 crew brought back 340kgs of moon rock the rock contained far more mercury and aluminium than the earth’s rock. Although these rocks could have been made in labs and factories.

Apollo 11 crew also put an American flag on the moon. This flag when put on the moon started to flap in some kind of a fake breeze. But since there is no atmosphere in space the flag couldn’t have moved at all. But when the Apollo crew places it down it clearly starts to flap.

Japan is sending a space ship up to take close up pictures of the moon in the year 2003. We won’t know for sure if we did land on the moon or not until this time. But until then there is one question that arises. Did we Land on the moon?

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