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Diet macronutrients

Diet Macronutrients
     My diet is acceptable in the following Macronutrients: dairy group (3 servings),
vegetable soup (3 servings), fruit group (4 servings), and starch/grain (7
servings). I take in over 100% RDA for vitamins and mineral (macronutrients)
with my diet plus additional vitamin and mineral supplementation (Centrum),
vitamin E and Echinachea. I take an average of 33.5g of dietary fiber calories
is 112% RDA which is acceptable. According to the analysis of the 3 day food
record it says that I consume too much fat (servings) and protein: (147g/ day)
which is 253% the RDA. I know that I consume a tremendous amount of protein a
day but my dietary goals from project I was to consume enough protein to gain
lean body mass through diet and exercise (weights). The reason I consume so much
protein is that protein contain amino acids necessary for muscle growth and
repair. I am sure to drink plenty of water ½ gallon a day to relieve stress on
my kidneys and other organs from the excess protein. To get enough protein I
must consume lots of meat products which can lead to health problems because of
cholesterol and fat. In order to get enough protein I supplement with low-fat,
high protein, and moderate carbohydrate shakes, flax seed oil caps, and fish oil
capsules daily. Protein supplements keep my LDL's down and give me the protein I
need in complete BCAA form while, the flax seed oil and fish oil raise my HDL's.

I think my diet is adequate because I want to gain weight through a complete
diet, weight training, and supplementation program. Also, a positive nitrogen
balance is necessary in order to gain lean body mass. *All servings represent an
average of 3 days.

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